Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Scattered Brain

Man, I am all over the place today. All of the place to the point that when I decided to blog about my apparently inability to focus this afternoon, I instead checked my email (four or 12 times), my Facebook, and the MySpaces, read a couple blogs, did something menial related to my job, checked out the Web site, checked out the Chicago Endurance Sports century cycling program, scanned the Beginnner Triathlete forums, and finalized dinner plans for Thursday. Then I checked my email again. And, I signed into Yahoo chat to see if Meg was online. She’s wasn't.

My horoscope on Monday said (and I quote): Pluto is helping you dredge up every possible phobia or neurosis. Fortunately, this is only temporary. Unfortunately, it still sucks because this week you’ll be crazy as a loon.

I’m wondering, does this horoscope actually give me permission to be nuts-o?

So many things going through my head right now…

Let’s start with Facebook. On Monday, I received an interesting friend request… from my mom. Speaking of, my mom also informed me about two weeks ago that she has been reading my blog for approximately six months now without telling me. Thank god I don't blab on and on about all the wild, unprotected sex I'm having with strangers!

Everyone say, “Hi Lou’s Mom!”

Hi Lou’s Mom!

So mom's all tech savvy and whatnot.

Speaking of... I’m thinking of shutting down my MySpace account. I check it every couple of weeks, and for some reason, it makes me feel a little dirty. There’s something a bit seedy about MySpace. I dunno. I’m just making shit up. Perhaps I have social networking fatigue. Or perhaps, MySpace doesn't offer me hours of entertainment... like Scramble or Word Twist.

Also… at what point does one stop reading someone else’s blog? Don’t worry… I’m not talking about YOU. I love YOUR blog. Your blog is AWESOME. I’m actually referring to some guy whose blog I stumbled across months ago, hell, maybe a year ago -- a blog friend of a friend of a friend kind of scenario. I thought he was funny, and I kind of got invested, but now… eh… honestly… I just don’t care that much anymore. And it’s not like he even knows I’m reading -- I’m totally lurking. So what do I do? Do I remove him from the Almighty Google Reader? Or do I just ignore the posts piling up, and read him on a day when all my other bloggers are on hiatus? Kind of like an emergency back up blog…

So whatever.

My Ohio driver’s license expires on my 29th birthday, which is approximately three weeks away, and I have decided that it is time to claim residency in Illinois. I mean, let’s face facts people, I’m probably not going anywhere any time soon. However, I find this process of actually getting a new license in a new state somewhat… troubling. I’m am oddly attached to my Ohio license, as though it is the last thing that attaches me to that state -- with the exception of my mom… and my grandma… and some close friends… and… my cell phone number… and… yeah… I sound ridiculous.

I think we’ve had enough for one day, don’t you?


Lou's mom said...

Dear Louisa,
Thanks for the mention in your blog. And yes, I am able to turn on the computer and go to different sites. Amazing isn't it? I have even taken a couple tech classes and moved beyond word processing.

Lou's mom

L Sass said...

Hi Lou's Mom!

(I don't blog about having unprotected sex with strangers, either, but I still don't want my mom reading my blog.)

I canceled my Myspace for the same reason. Facebook just seems so much more... something. I feel less weird about being on it.

Kendra said...

Hi Lou's Mom!

Your post reminded me I needed to check my MySpace and do some stalking of a friend's new girlfriend. Thanks!

RBR said...

My mom sent me a text message from her iPhone a month ago and I about fell over dead. It took us three years to get her to check the voicemail on her Nokia.

Hi Lou's Mom!

I have absolutely nothing interesting to say. The teenage parasites in my life have sucked dry my will to live. One more week and they become their parent's problem full time. As nature intended.