Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Somewhere Along The Way

First... OMG -- I missed my own two-year-blogoversary! Shit. My blog turned two yesterday, and in true to Lou form, I totally spaced. Can you believe it's been two years? I can't. I love this blog like a child. A child who I can neglect from time to time just because I'm... you know... bored or tired or hungry or drunk or whatever. Really, if you think about it, a blog is really the ideal child for a single person who has no real attention span or sense of responsibility.

Now on to the thing I actually was going to say:
Since I’ve decided to “take it easy” this week training-wise, I’ve had time to do other things, like work and force MM to take a vacation with me.

That’s right. Vacation. Not like an awesome vacation -- think Cabo for a week -- but more of a, we-both-have-three-days-off-let’s-go-somewhere vacation. Such is life.

I may or may not have mentioned somewhere along the way that MM is currently working full time and in graduate school part time, so his schedule tends to get a little crazy. And, though I keep more regular hours than he does, all of the crap I sign up for seems to take up a decent portion of what I like to refer to as my “free time.”

So we are off to sunny, probably chilly Michigan in two weeks where we will stay at a bed & breakfast, lay around on the beach, possibly ride a bike somewhere, and -- if I have anything to say about it -- drink some wine and eat some food. I have never stayed at a B&B before (though this is MM’s preferred accommodation) so this should be interesting. Err... romantic. Whatever.

It will be our first vacation, just the two of us. Two weeks from now. Can you tell I’m ready for it?


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L Sass said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday!

A long weekend in Michigan sounds divine! AS and I will have to settle for a short weekend at my parents' cabin in August, I'm afraid.

@ said...

it probably won't be as chilly as you think. bring sunscreen.

your two year blogaversary reminds me of another two year anniversary you have coming up. so, when's the party?