Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Second That Emotion

I’m on fire today. Here’s a big WTF for your Wednesday...

I just read Lindy’s post about the Chicago Distance Classic half marathon changing the race course, and I agree. One hundred and fifty percent (I had to write that out so you hear it in your head correctly).

I mean seriously JB, WTF?

It made me feel better to read Lindy’s post because as I studied the new course this morning and became slightly enraged (ok… just a tad bit of hyperbole), I figured I was probably the only person who would become upset over something like a race course. I mean, maybe people wanted a new course! I don't know. I can't read minds.

Here's the thing...

The CDC holds a special place in my heart as it was my inaugural distance race in 2006. I love that it partially follows the marathon course and winds through downtown Chicago. This new course heads due south and, frankly, I don’t get my thrills by running on LSD separated from cars clipping along at 40mph by a few measly pylons. No. Thank. You. Very. Much.

Furthermore, part of the fun of running the big races is to get out there on the road. I can run on the damn lakefront path any day of the week. For a 5k, fine. But this is a half marathon, and there's 12,000 of us. And, as Lindy points out, this new course pretty much gives us absolutely no shade from the August sun. We live in Chicago people! It’s 90 degrees and humid here until October.


In other words, WTF?


Lindy said...

I've been cursin like a sailor all damn day, Lou! I'm glad you are on the same page with me!!!! Seriously Lou, I was trying to figure out how can I run this 13.1 miles two weeks from this weekend, this race is so important to me, blah blah I have NO incentive to run it, especially when I might not be ready for 13 miles just quite yet...I should just run the other half. Work my way into the teens in the week or so after the CDC. I mean for real, the OTHER half marathon is the same course now, and it starts IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD (almost). I really wonder what other people are saying about the new course. I'm so pissed.

Roisin said...

Does this mean the course is like the Soldier Field 10 mile? about uninspiring!

Forerunner 405 is amazing. True, I should be paying my student loans, but I look at this as an investment in my health.

RBR said...

I am sorry to hear that. I know how certain races become so important and to change the course changes the race.

Sorry for you both!

Lindy said...

Roisin--yes, that's EXACTLY what it will be like, the Soldier Field 10-mile! One of my friends couldn't understand what I was so mad at, but she'll see when she gets out there on that drive and that's all there is to it. I mean, there's only so much that pretty scenery can do for ya.

If I were the new organizers of the other half, I'd capitalize on this moment BIG TIME.