Friday, July 18, 2008

Under These Conditions

Here’s a riddle: If an employee comes into the office, but no one is around to see her working, does anything actually get done? It’s like that who tree/forest/noise dilemma.

Get it?

So, I’m not in write-a-coherent post mode, so I’m just going to bullet out a few things that are either coming up, or that I’m thinking about, or that I’ve just not mentioned with the recent goings on.
  • I’m going to a yoga for runners class. I’ve only been twice, but I am enjoying it much more than I thought I would. I’ve done yoga before, but am no where close to being one of those converted, yoga crazy people who thinks it’s the be all end all of Zen and exercise. In fact, I’ve often had issues getting headaches after yoga or being sore in unnatural ways (like neck pain, etc.). However, it’s become apparent to me that I lack strength and core training in my weekly routine. I figured that paying for this would be incentive to actually show up. It's offered by my beloved Chicago Endurance Sports, and the instructor is very supportive and starts each class by asking the group what pain they are experiencing. Then she gives us specific stretches and exercises we can do to help alleviate that pain. And I've had no headaches or weird, shit-that’s-not-the-way-my-body-is-supposed-bend soreness!
  • Speaking of strength training, I have been bound and determined to include weight lifting in my routine for a month now, but to no avail. Granted, my workouts have started to include two-a-days, running in the morning and dedicating the evenings to something else, like an hour and a half of yoga or an hour in the pool. That’s in addition to biking to and from work (12 miles total) nearly every day. Sometimes it feels like I can only do so much and -- especially this week -- I have been exhausted. But, this is the life. I cannot stress to you how many times the importance of cross training has been stressed to me. Triathlons force you to cross train to a degree, which helps to circumvent the overuse injuries that come from hard-on-the-joints distance running, but swimming and biking are still cardio, and to build strength, you need to strength train. The hardest thing for endurance athletes is that, well, if you’re bold enough to call yourself as an endurance athlete (I am at this point… I wonder when that happened?), you’re already dedicating hours upon hours a week to your sport. It’s difficult to find the time. But it is imperative that we do! So, I’m going to challenge myself to make strength training a priority moving forward. And, after searching for a good weight routine, I believe I have finally found one, and I plan to add three days of lifting into my schedule starting Monday.
  • And oh, big dreams... Lindy, Meg, and I have already pinpointed a half marathon for next spring, which mankes me super excited! Yes... it’s a bitch and a half to train through the winter in Chicago. But, a half marathon is a very reasonable distance, which comes with reasonable amounts of training and whatnot. And, this is probably way, way too early to even decide to think about this, but I’ve pretty much decided that I will train for a Half Ironman next summer possibly en lieu of a fall marathon. We will see. But, I already have my training program and my race (I would consider the Spirit of Racine as well ) picked out. Yes. It’s probably not the greatest of ideas to decide this based on one awesome sprint triathlon. But, here are the facts: I do not have time to train for an Olympic distance triathlon this season. If another triathlon happens, it will be a sprint. But, there is a good chance I will not do another one this season, though MM got excited about us both participating in the Pleasant Prairie Triathlon, but it’s likely that scheduling will prevent us from doing so. This thing is, I’ll get a chance to do at least a few sprints and maybe an Olympic next summer before a Half Ironman, but I believe that with the right training I will be able to do the distance. People go from couch to marathon all the time. Yes, I think those people are batshit nuts, but that’s not the point. Like I said, it’s probably way too early to think about this, much less announce it to the world (my world = my readers, which by the way, nine people now subscribe to this feed on Google Reader, it used to only be seven, welcome my new friends!!!), but what else is a blog for? I hold myself to nothing. Except a Half Ironman.
  • On a personal note, my mom is getting married next weekend, and MM and I will be traveling to Ohio for festivities. We’re currently trying to figure out where and when to fit in our training run. We are, it appears, mid-summer (holy crap!) and the mileage is ramping up. We have a 12 mile run scheduled, but there is a half marathon on Saturday in C-bus that we could participate in, but with one car for five people (my sister and the ever-popular Lars will be in town as well), and a 7am start time, it’s possibly arguable that we would be cutting it a little close for my mom’s comfort. But we still have to do 12 miles, and a 13.1 mile race would be supported with aid stations. And MM could sprint his little heart out, and I’d be OK running alone. I’m less OK being alone on a random course in an area I do not regularly run. So that’s my dilemma. I’m going to get back to my regularly scheduled office vacation now.


Roisin said...

Half Ironman!?!?!?! Damn! I would go cheer you on, yes I would.

However, I am holding firm that I will never compete in one. That's for you to do, you crazy Tri lady ;)

Jaime said...

Are you doing the yoga for runners on Thursday's? I am too! I was at the first and missed the last two but I have sworn to myself I will NOT miss another one.

Lindy said...

As I said (or at least I THINK I said it, I know I THOUGHT it), I totally believe you can do a half ironman, I am sure of it. Now a full ironman, I might just have to believe it cuz you believe it, but a half ironman, I know you will conquer it. Nothing else to think about Lou....just train.

L Sass said...

I think yoga seriously helped my second marathon training. The core work is so good for running (and swimming and biking, ms. half-ironman) and I felt like it helped get the "kinks" out, too.