Tuesday, August 12, 2008

CDC Course Runs Long

Check it out. They are actually admitting that the course was incorrectly certified.

That wasn't so hard, was it?

Based on this new information, my actual pace per mile was 11:54.

Update: The viewing audience ought to know that Lindy and Roisin alerted me to this story as it was developing. Don't I sound all newsy and stuff? Anyway, Lindy pointed me to the Runner's World forums, which are a little intense, mind-boggling, and memorizing (I mean, I thought I was obsessed). Reading through the discussion thread about the CDC course and the comments that knowing John Bingham, he would come clean if something were amiss (unlike another race organizer), I decided to check the CDC Web site to see if it was official. And, low and behold, it was.

When I first read on Roisin's blog that her Garmin was showing a longer course, I realized that... hmmm... it did seem as though I slowed down significantly between mile six and seven. So there you have it.


Roisin said...

That is correct: YOU rocked it :)

Lindy said...

thou dost not get credit for breaking the news to you? (kidding) Dude, that's some sh!t straight outta Cincy's playbook, LOL. I wonder how often this happens?

Kendra said...

Nice! Now, if you had been wearing a Garmin Forerunner 405, you would have known about the discrepancy already.

Lindy said...

And this other guy, who was hoping for a PR under 1:29 (i effing WISH)had major issues with the course too. I appluad him for placing no blame on anyone, though clearly he had reason to speculate.