Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crazy Is as Crazy Does

I blame Lindy for this madness. Immediately following the Chicago Distance Classic, I texted her this:
2:37ish… Ok until ab 8, then meh
The “meh” is describing my apathy for miles nine through 13. A few hours later I received a text from her that said this:
U still hit 12:00 so that’s fine. Wanna do another half either on 8/31 or 9/14?
When I received this message, I was asleep on my couch. After I woke up and hobbled like an old woman over to my phone, I laughed. Another half marathon? Sure Lindy, right after I regain the ability to bend my knees so I can sit down without having to fall backwards and hope that my rump hits the seat.

A few hours later, I looked up my weekly training and realized that, yes… another half marathon on either of those dates would fit nicely into my mileage schedule. It was something to consider. Another hour went by and I mentioned it to MM. How do you feel about doing another half marathon, MM?

OK. So, I was starting to come around. Then on Monday I read Lindy’s blog. I provided advice, “Play it by ear,” I said. “Don’t sign up for a half marathon just yet,” I said.

That evening, I emailed her:
Subject line: Alright.

I'm in. if you want to do Banco, I'm with you. I don't know what part of "I'm in intense pain due to my half marathon" is leading me to believe that I should do another one like... right now, but whatever. Let me know if you're going to sign up.
OK. So it's less Lindy’s fault, and more my fault. I believe her response began, “Damn you Lou,” and now we’re both signed up to run on September 14.

Oh and did I mention that I also signed up for the 2009 Indy Mini Marathon yesterday? It’s the biggest half marathon in the world and only a short three or so hour drive from Chicago. So, the first big race of 2009 has been determined.

Two half marathon registrations in one day. That’s a record for me.


Roisin said...

I'm doing that one too! And a couple of ladies in my pace group did Indy this past May and LOVED it, so there ya go.

Oh, and I've heard CES is going to be training for the Bermuda marathon/half marathon in January. Bermuda sounds nice...but it all depends on whether or not ALA is still going to send me to Midwinter.

RBR said...

You know this makes me very happy don't you?!

*lame, uncoordinated attempt at cheerleader jump*

Lindy said...

Why is it MY fault? YOU'RE the one who advised me to wait and see and then taunted me with telling me you were going to register after all!

Sarah said...

When is the Indiana half? I know a great place you can stay with great food:)

Jaime said...

You crazy race gal!

Liz said...

The craziness is infectious. I did it--I signed up for Grand Rapids. Must be the afterglow of the new shoes.

Jaime said...

where were you at yoga?

L Sass said...

I am signed up, too, but have not run anything longer than six miles in ages. Am I nuts or what? Won't be a PR, that's for sure...