Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not a Drop to Drink...

Lindy brought this to my attention.

Yep. We're still talking about it.

Check out my comments on this Tribune blog and Lindy's post if you want to know how I feel about this. One comment features the phrase "balls out." We don't really use that around here enough. Or "balls to the wall." That's another good one.


Lindy said...

Lou, you're pretty ball-sy for a chic. that's why I like you. :)

let's just make this post and all comments completely in appropriate. While some runners ran balls out, and consequently suffered in later miles, other runners were left ass out without water and Gatorade.

I love the phrase "ass out", but it's nowhere near as in-your-face as balls out.

(i'm so childish)

Roisin said...

Some of those comments for that article (not by you ladies, of course) were pretty special.

erika said...

Wow, that article sure touched a nerve. I liked the comments for the most part, but there are some real elitist ass-heads out there.

Roisin said...

There better be more comments from you. Whoever that douche is, his or her comments are completely immature and childish. I just had no idea there was so much bitterness from the "real" runners...I guess being fast just isn't good enough for them.

RBR said...

Something very bizarre is going on with your blog. There are two new posts that did not show up on my reader and then the most recent one (from today I imagine)new one called "And then there were two" only shows like a paragraph in my google reader and them when I click on it to read the rest it says page does not exist with A View from a Park blog.