Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Thing About the Race

So. I complained about my latest long run I complained about the change in the Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon course. I am decidedly not ecstatic about racing this Sunday.

But, I think I’ve figured out what’s going on.

The last two races I specifically trained for – the Flying Pig Half Marathon and the Danskin Sprint Triathlon – were fantastic experiences. Other than the overplayed, if-only-I-were-faster-in-general woes, I couldn’t have asked for more from either of those races. The weather cooperated; I felt good; I got into my zone, and I stayed there.

But back to the thing about the CDC… this is my race. It's where I started. It’s my fourth half marathon. Starting in 2006, I have, in each subsequent half marathon, knocked approximately 10 minutes off my time: 2:50, 2:40, 2:30. Roughly. I never expected to do that in Cincinnati, but the stars aligned despite the hilly course.

But that’s the thing about running. You never can quite predict when it’s going to be good and when it’s going to be not so good.

To be frank, I’m afraid that this race is not going to be a fantastic experience. I’m afraid I’m not going to hit my goal time of 2:20:00, and that possibly due to heat or humidity or my stomach or my tired legs, I won’t set another PR. It’s bound to happen sometime, right?

That’s statistics for ya.


RBR said...

If I learned one thing this weekend it was definitely that there is more to a race than the time it takes to complete it. Just remember why we do this, to have fun, and to prove to ourselves that we can.

With that in mind go rock the hell out of the CDC! I can't wait for the report!

Run Bitch Run!!

Roisin said...

You never know! I think we all have to learn that one the hard way...if it's any consolation, I'm hella nervous about the CDC too, for the exact same reasons.

No matter. We shall conquer it anyway!

Speaking of conquering things...lunching?

Liz said...

LOU! You looked great this morning, and most importantly, you were cheery--even after 7 miles!!!!!! I hope the next 6 were just as good. -lizard