Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well Gee, Hell Sure Does Look Familiar

Ever since the whole Chicago Marathon 2007 mess, CARA and the wackjobs at Marathon Headquarters have been touting this weather alert "system."

Which reminds me of another alert system...

As if I need a color-coded flag to tell me it's hot as hell outside. Or humid as hell. Or both. And, hey genius, being that its so freaking hot and humid Satan would go to the movies just to get a few hours of central air action, one might be wise to slow the fuck down.

Really? REALLY? Ya think?

Thanks Captain Obvious, but until this event gets canceled I'm going to keep moving forward.

I should have known when I sat in our kitchen to eat a bagel this morning and said, "Gosh, MM it's awful hot in here," even though it was supposedly like 58 degrees outside.


Today I ran CARA's Ready to Run 20 miler. Ready to Run is an organized, supported training run set up like a race course. This all would have been lovely if the weather (mostly the humidity) had cooperated. When we began, the CARA folks kept announcing that we were code Yellow, which of course means nothing to anyone. HAHA. Just kidding! It means "conditions are less than ideal." Welcome to Chicago. It's fall, isn't it?

By the time I hit the aid station at mile market something or other, the flags were a-waving. We were officially code Red, which is bad... very very bad. Slow down people! Oh course, had I slowed down at that point, I would have been standing still.

So, the weather was brutal. Did I mention that? I ran the first seven miles, and then gave in to it. I ran walked the next seven miles. I hit mile 15 and by some miracle I got my second wind, which might have actually been my first wind, and I ran the vast majority of the final miles. Lindy was there with her little girls to cheer me on at mile 18-ish, and it was extremely motivating to see a familiar face.

Honestly, I remember very little of it. I cried at the end. I literally cried. MM was there, thank god (even though he's the type of dude who has no idea what to do with a crier). I have never cried after a run before. It was like reliving the 2007 marathon, only it wasn't quite as hot and I was basically alone... oh yeah... and I finished because no one stopped me.

For all the fun makin' about the weather alert system, CARA was out and proud the entire run, even for those of lagging on the course. The volunteers on bikes road up and down the course asking every single person if they were OK. Most were. Some weren't. According to MM, he saw at least 20 people taken away in ambulances at the finish line.

What is it with this town?


Lindy said...

WOOO HOOOOO!!!!! You came! You saw! You kicked ass!!!!!!!!! GO LOU!!!!!!! We had fun out there cheering you guys on with our marathon cowbells!


Roisin said...

Oh my God, Lou! You are something extraordinary, I hope you was gross outside today, and you STILL FINISHED. You're due for a great marathon.

Congratulations on being out there and getting it done.

Nikkie said...

Way to go!!! I am so proud of you. I went for a personal 5K and was suffering...I can't even imagine 20 miles. You are totally inspirational and I cannot wait to be out there cheering for you during the marathon!!!

Kendra said...

That's the Lou I know. Kicking ass, taking names, and occasionally crying.

erika said...

Way to go, Lou! I thought about you all day on Sunday because I know how miserable I was on Saturday, and the weather was even worse for you. But way to rock it out at the end!

Justin said...

Great job Lou, especially in this weather. Saturday morning was worse if you can believe it.

The "color coded" system is strange enough. The rest stop volunteers wearing "Runner Drop Out" vests-- as if it's a command-- is even stranger.

Jaime said...

WAY TO GO LOU!!!! 20 miles in perfect conditions is brutal and you still kicked its ass.

Stay Hydrated!

RBR said...

Rock on!! 20 miler! In the heat no less. You are so ready for anything that the Chicago Marathon has to throw at you (except, you know, them canceling the fucking thing)

So excited to read your race report!