Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Are We There Yet?

Holy crap people. The wait begins. Why don't we get a vacation day for this mess? How can I be expected to "do work" when I need to be spoon fed mindless news updates about polling locations and other stuff like who's going to win this here election. You know. I think I'll stay home, glued to CNN, for a little while anyway.

Mom may not be thrilled to hear this, but MM and I have a couple of these fancy tickets to see this B-Rock character live, in concert tonight at Chicago's Grant Park. Wow. I mean, sure, as an officer of the law, MM is privy to "intelligence" that verifies people's fears about this evening, and yes, some shit could go down somewhere regardless of the outcome of the election. But how can we miss this? It's history! And maybe, if I'm there, I'll remember how it all went down if I am ever to encounter this question in a future version of Trivial Pursuit.

It's an amazing time people. Amazing and scary and exciting.

Go vote. Unless you're voting for the other guy and you live in a battleground state. Then do the rest of the country a favor and stay home, or better yet, go vote for that nice Libertarian fella because he hates taxes too.

Jokes people. All in good fun.


Justin said...

Can we stop with the "big scary rally" talk? Most of the city's police & emergency staff + a small army of secret service should make the park a fairly safe place. Probably safer than outside the park.

I don't mean to dismiss the safety issue, but seeing how the Obama staff has handled crowds of tens of thousands over and over again this season, I think we're in good hands.

Lou said...

I meant more "scary the election" less "scary grant park."