Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Check In

This may not be the best week to “report in” on my weight loss efforts since I will struggle not to spend Thursday on the couch with my sister eating leftovers two hours after Thanksgiving dinner, but hell, why not? Let’s do this thing.

So, after one month following Weight Watchers as best I could, I have lost 7.4 pounds. Now, this is progress. I probably could have done better, but I could have done a lot worse. I made a lot of steps to really commit myself. This time around, I’m working to be more honest about it, not trying to hide it, though not harping on it, and asking for help from others (“MM, if we’re going to go out to eat, can we get sushi instead of Mexican?” and “@, if I order anything besides a salad at lunch will you please throw your body between me and the waiter?”). I have, however, had my moments of trial, such as not sticking to the plan while on my final business trip and drinking my weight in beer this past Saturday.

I’ve also switched up my workout routine. Sadly I have stopped running for the time being. I know it sounds crazy, but running does not help me lose weight, at all, ever. Every guy I know who starts running drops a shit ton of weight, but I know other women who struggle with this as well. Frankly, it’s not fair, but it’s true. I have a theory, which is that my heart rate just gets too high, out of the fat burning zone. So I’ve adjusted. I can only imagine that my running will improve when I start training in February for my next half marathon and (God willing) there is less of me to drag through a 13.1 mile course.

For the time being, I’m doing a lot of elliptical and power walking on an incline on the treadmill. I try my best to keep my heart rate under 80 percent of its maximum. I’ve also added strength training. Feel free to roll your eyes, but I bought this book. Despite the slightly ridiculous title, it has an easy-to-follow strength training program that lasts about 45 minutes and uses minimal gym equipment (free weights, a step, and a ball). The program is designed to be 24 weeks and the routine changes approximately every two weeks. Running buddy Meg was enlisted to make sure I stick to it, and so far, I’ve been impressed with our dedication to lifting weights three times a week.

But, I’m perhaps not jumping for joy because 7.4 pounds really just puts me back into my “normal” weight range, the range I have hovered in for the past two years. It’s arguably not too difficult to maintain this weight. I’m not overly sensitive about it, the way I was three weeks ago, when I felt my jeans getting a bit snug. The real challenge will be the next 10 pounds.


MMG said...

Dude (yes, I did just call you Dude), 7.5 pounds is a lot of weight for one month! That's more than 1 lb/week which is super hard to do!

I'm super impressed!

I Heard Tell said...

I have definitely found that lifting freeweights changes my body fairly dramatically whenever I can commit to actually sticking with it for a few weeks. But man is it a pain in the ass. Congrats on your extremely awesome and extremely fruitful dedication. It's nice to actually see results from doing something that's difficult and takes a big committment.

Roisin said...

You are doing well, and that's super cool. I believe in you. You'll be the most beautiful bride in all the land!