Thursday, November 20, 2008

Full Circle

One week until Thanksgiving people -- the greatest holiday ever. Why? Because nothing is expected of you. No gifts, no crazy social affairs, all you have to do is sit on the couch and eat and watch awesome movies about teenage girls finding their fathers/friends/soulmates and/or participating cheerleading/quasi-cheerleading/dance/drinking competitions. And by you, I of course mean me.

Oh something.

Do you ever want to blog and you know that you simply must have something to say because all this stuff has happened and yet the words just aren't forming?

Can you guys believe it's Thanksgiving? Wasn't it like 80 degrees last month? Now I'm just cold all the time.

Real stuff now.

So, last weekend, MM and I spent some time visiting potential wedding venues. We checked out Promontory Point, Berger Park, and the South Shore Cultural Center, as well as A New Leaf, which we had previously held for a wedding date in December 2009, but then I got all crazy like, "AH! I don't have a vision." And then, I got even crazier and was all, "I want to get married when it's warm outside!"

First, we went to Promontory. It's every bit as beautiful as you imagine it is -- a perfect setting with the Chicago skyline looming in the background. For the sake of full disclosure, despite all the serenity and loveliness that is Promontory, I had (and still have) one major sticking point with this place. Promontory is known as a "comfort station." This means that people -- guest or not -- can use the restrooms at any time, which means, yes... someone, anyone can wander in during your event. While I totally get it from the viewpoint of reality and living in an urban area and whatnot, I just... yeah... that's not a variable I'm comfortable with.

Next, on a whim and since we were already fairly far south, we visited the South Shore Cultural Center (fun fact: my 20 mile point-to-point training run ended here). The atrium was interesting and beautiful, but a little too ballroom-y for our taste. From there, we headed north to Berger Park. The "grounds" at Berger Park include a house and a small backyard on the lake. It was not what we were looking for. Even for a smaller wedding, we would be hard pressed to hold a reception in the house, and the area out back for the ceremony was tiny, and not far from a busy street.

We decided that we would take one more look at A New Leaf. Just for good measure. This time, I spent much more time in the space. We checked out the third floor, the "ceremony" room. We looked at the garden courtyard, which was much larger than I expected and really quite stunning in a shaby chic kind of way. I conceded that, yes, I did in fact like it better upon a second look.

We held another date for A New Leaf in August because what would be the point of paying for use of that courtyard garden if we couldn't actually go outside? The decision was all but made. And then, that evening, while lounging on the couch with MM, panic -- panic that no one would dance because the dance floor is on the second floor -- panic that if no one danced no one would have fun, and horror of all horrors, what if no one had fun at our wedding?

I frenziedly searched the Internet for more ideas, and to my credit, I found a few yet-uncovered, unique venues that were buried underneath pages of hotels, banquet halls, museums, and gardens. MM told me to calm down, that we had made our decision and it was going to be OK. I calmed down, and I believed him... until 24 hours later when, while at work on Monday afternoon, I freaked out all over again and started calling other venues.

Then something strange, but incredible happened on Tuesday morning. In a blink of an eye, I saw it -- the details of my wedding, the layout of tables, the timing of cocktails, dinner, and dancing, the color of the skirting, the flowers, the food, the everything... at A New Leaf.

We're signing the contract tomorrow. Yay stuff.


Lindy said...

See you then! Well, and before then, too. ;)

Nikkie said...

Hooray! What's the lucky date? BTW, my word for word verification is vagical. Is it me or does that sound dirty?