Thursday, November 27, 2008

Grand Final

Well thank god that’s over. So today was it, the end of race season 2008. My sister and I ran the Columbus Turkey Trot, and I got to tell you, perhaps I’ve been off the wagon a few weeks too long, but five miles felt something more like 25. It shouldn’t have been that way, but it was.

Ah well. There’s really not too much to report about the race. It was poorly managed, kind of a shitty, boring course, and completely disorganized. The four mile race we opted for last year -- despite the bitter cold, freezing rain conditions, and poor parking situation (we ended up walking through a field blanketed with goose poo to get to the car) -- was a much better race. And, that one gave you a free bottle of wine at the end, instead of this race, which gave, well… nada… to those of us who were near DFL. I hear some people walked away with a free pumpkin pie. Well golly gee whiz.

So, that’s it. I don’t really have an excuse, much less a story. It was slow going, from start to finish, and I even took two 30 second walking breaks for no good reason except that I spent miles 1-4.98 wanted to walk off the course and head back home.

It’s OK. I have to tell you. It’s amazing that I even have “race seasons.” I mean, really? Who do I think I am? But this year, I finished three half marathons, one marathon, one triathlon, a 10 mile race, a 5K, and two 8Ks. I set new personal records in both an 8K and a half marathon, and I had a stellar showing, if I do say so myself, at my first multi-sport race. I had some less than stellar races -- a marathon that, while I’m so happy I’m finished, I know I have a better time in me; a couple fast and flat half marathons where I thought I would easily beat hilly Flying Pig PR, but didn’t even come close; and this, a measly five mile run that by all accounts I barely finished.

I suppose you win some and lose some. You finish most. You start all.

I haven’t quite hashed out 2009 yet. The Indianapolis Mini Marathon is the only race on the schedule, but I imagine there will be others.

Oh yes. There are always others.


heidikins said...

You're awesome...and your race count for 08 looks like, well, a freaking war zone. I am so proud of you, and I hope your 2009 is equally as fantastic. Laws, I sound like the New Year's Old-Man-Baby or something....but I am sincere, if not completely cheese-tastic. ;o)


RBR said...

Nice job on getting the Turkey Trot done anyway. Some runs are just like that.

I can't wait to hear about 2009 plans. I hope it includes a little marathon in April called Big Sur! ;o)

Congrats on a great season and happy wedding planning!

Roisin said...

All in all, I'd say you "experienced" the gamut of race situations/emotions this year, and came out on top! I'd expect nothing less, of course ;)