Friday, November 14, 2008

If Not Now

So, it happened… it was bound to happen… inevitable, if you will… I just didn’t expect to happen so soon.

I cried -- my tears shed in the name of wedding planning. Really, it’s even planning at this point, more attempting to plan.

This location mess is quickly becoming a saga, isn’t it? To quickly recap: MM and I looked at a A New Leaf, a venue for both our ceremony and reception and put it on hold for December 12, 2009 -- the first Saturday that wasn’t already booked for next year. It was unique. It was semi-reasonably priced for being in prime Chicago location. It was… not what I expected. It seemed small, and just… I don’t know. By all accounts the weddings there are amazing and gorgeous, but there is just something about it that I can’t seem to put my finger on. I like it... but... I guess ultimately I just can’t picture MM and I getting married there. Another wrench in this “OH SHIT we need to book a site three months ago” mess is that we have been waiting for MM to receive his 2009 work schedule complete with his two furloughs (forced vacations of approximately three weeks each) so we can choose an appropriate date.

I went back to the drawing board early this week, and extracted a sort-of vision of our wedding day, and tried to figure out how important that vision actually is. It was really Freedom Runner’s comment on a post from earlier this week that made me realize that the ONE THING I had been fairly adamant about was a late summer/early fall wedding. Why? Because I want a venue with an indoor/outdoor option that could be used. Outdoors in Chicago in December? Sure, it may be a fabulous patio or terrace or courtyard or grassy area or whatever, but it ain’t happening here.

I began hounding the folks at the Chicago Parks District about two of their venues: Berger Park and Promontory Point. Sure, I haven’t seen either of them, but I basically fell in love with the photos from Promontory Point. It has the same sort of romantic, exposed brick look that New Leaf does, but when I look at the photos, I can really see MM and I getting married there on the lakefront -- the ceremony on the back patio, a cocktail reception on the front patio, dinner and dancing inside. Plus, bonus, it’s significantly cheaper than New Leaf.

But we can’t even look at it. Why? Because it’s closed. And, adding insult to injury, it’s booked anyway. For every single Saturday in 2009.

From the Parks District:
At this point, I can only arrange site visits for applicants who have a tentative hold on a date at Promontory. Although we don’t give out availability without an application, I will tell you that all of our 2009 Saturday evening reservations are already booked. We have limited Fridays and Sundays available. If you’re still interested, submit an application, and we can further discuss.
I called MM to tell him that not only can we NOT look at it because we haven’t submitted an application, but also it’s moot, since every single location ever in Chicago is booked for all of 2009, and we will never ever get married because the Universe as well as all Chicago venues, caterers, rental companies, Parks District staff, DJs, florists, God, and everyone else is against our wedded union.

Dramatic much?

Oh, and there were tears.

MM told me to stop crying. He asked me when I wanted to get married. I told him. He answered: Then we’ll do it on a Friday or a Sunday. Put the application in, pick a few dates, we'll look at it, and whatever the date ends up working, I'll manage my schedule around it. The important thing is that we get married.

Is this the moment where add the mushy shout out to MM and the requisite, "This is why I'm marrying him?" It is. I'm new at this, bear with me. I also don't want to make myself sick at at myself. We have, at bare minimum, 10 more months to put up with me.

So I put in our application. The very nice woman at the Parks District, who has answered a million and a half questions for me (Can I put four possible dates on this applications instead of two?) will call me Monday to discuss Promontory Point, and in the meantime, MM and I can check out Berger Park tomorrow.


Lindy said...

Check out Columbus Park on the far west side, along Jackson between Central and Austin. There is an indoor facility that has this awesome balcony like thing where you could put a band or whatever. There is an outdoor section towards the rear of the "fieldhouse", exit out the back and go to the right. I think you can see it from the parking lot, but I don't quite remember. I put fieldhouse in quotes b/c it's nice and unique looking on the outside. The outdoor portion has a roof with these colonades (not sure if that's the right architectural term), but it's really nice for an outdoor ceremony, I thihk. Right behind the outdoor area is a walking area with like a pond that's probably beautiful in the fall with the leaves changing and all. And although it's the far west side, there is easy access via the Eisenhower (290) w/ both Central and Austin exits. Just a thought, I had been thinking about this place for my wedding.

Kendra said...

MM rocks. Glad you picked him!