Saturday, November 01, 2008


OK. Like forever ago, I was “tagged” by Roisin, which is awesome as I have never before been tagged. I always felt like I was missing out on something with this whole tagging business. Now I’m part of the club. Woo hoo!

So, six random things about myself… Let’s see… Sadly, you hear dozens of random details about myself nearly every blog. Regardless…

Focus. Focus…

OK. In honor of me and MM and our engagement, I will make these random facts about our relationship:

  1. MM and I met at an event called Nerds at Heart. Nerds at Heart is a game night for single nerds and nerd sympathizers. We first met in April 2007, but after MM and I exchanged a few emails, I began seeing someone else. I canceled my date with MM via email. He wrote me back. He thought I was, “realistic,” which totally made me think he was weird. Still, writing that somewhat unpleasant email telling him “the truth” rather than just totally blowing him off was probably one of the smarter things I’ve ever done.
  2. We met again four months later at the Nerds at Heart anniversary party in August 2007. When I decided to go, @ actually asked me, “What if you see MM there?” And I said, “Yeah, that crossed my mind. I think it will be OK.” MM almost didn’t come. He had ridden his bike from the gym and forgot to bring a clean shirt. According to him, he stood outside the bar, weighing his options. Eventually he decided that he might as well come in.
  3. MM wore a Harry Potter shirt on our first date. And not like in an “ironic” way. It was a polo shirt, dark blue, and when I looked closely at the crest, I asked, “Does that say ‘Hogwarts’?” It did. And, he’s afraid of spiders. I killed a spider for him on our first date. For this, he gave me the first book in the Harry Potter series.
  4. On our third date, MM and I spent an entire day together. We went to brunch, the movies, and the beach. We had sushi for dinner and then ice cream in the park. When he walked me home, he pulled the “I really have to use the bathroom” line to get into my apartment. Then he totally tried to make out with me, and I totally kicked him out. Apparently, one of his “player” friends told him to say that if he was serious about… I don’t know… getting busy. Feel free to roll your eyes.
  5. The Harry Potter book was a hit, and eventually, Joey gave me every book in the series. He also gave me a toaster… for my birthday… not cool MM.
  6. MM proposed on Sunday, October 26, 2008 in the park across from our house. I said yes, cried, immediately called my mom, and cried again. We’re going to get married next year, likely in the fall. Check out the close up on Freedom Runner’s blog.
There you go! Six random facts. Now I believe I’m supposed to tag six people. Cause heck, why not?

Good times!


RBR said...

He's a keeper. I can tell. Plus, he is hot and, believe me, that helps ;o)

I knew I would marry my husband when I caught him secretly doing the "banana chip dance" for my rabbits. It involves pivoting in a circle on one foot while shaking the tupperware of banana chips and sing-songing "who wants a banana chip? Banana chip. Banana chip. Do you? How about you?"

Yep, straight up badasses in my house.

MMG said...

Holy Crap! You're ENGAGED?!?!

Kendra said...

So I enjoyed your post. But in this instance, I also thoroughly enjoyed rbr's above comment. I want to see the dance!

Dena said...

How exciting! I was reading a newer post and you were talking about getting married, and I was like WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!

So excited! Sounds like a great thing!

Good Luck - Dena