Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ever Aft

So much to share these days. As it turns out, my “get shit done” attitude is taking precious time away from blogging.

And apparently, I have a lot of shit to do. I know because “The Knot Dot Com,” the website you are forced to join upon engagement lest you be ridiculed by other brides-to-be for not being a… wait for it… “knottie,” has a list about three point one miles long with my name on it. Literally, it says “Lou and MM’s Checklist • DAYS TO GO: 215.” There are little red exclamation marks next the items I have failed to complete in a timely manner, like “Get organized: Start a wedding binder.” I actually bought a binder too. And I bound a three-hole punch and some dividers just for good measure. But the part where I actually punch some holes in my stack of wedding-related papers continues to elude me.

Organization really isn’t my thing. That’s for the Type A Brides and the people who make up Knot screen names like “HappyEvaAft”. As long as it’s all in sort of the same pile of wedding stuff, I’ll be fine.

Oh what else. Here, is the bridesmaid’s dress:

I actually own this dress. I bought it for MM’s policeman dinner/dance fundraiser a year ago. I sort of went nutso when I remembered this dress and decided that IT was perfect for the bridesmaids. I bought the last few dresses in existence without asking anyone anything about sizes much less if they liked it. I figured it was an act of decisiveness that would lead to other acts of decisiveness. Decisive or not, it seems to have worked out for everyone involved.

In other news, Meg and Lindy and I had what can only be described as a meeting of the minds recently where we got serious about our schedules for this year’s season. So far, I’m scheduled for the Shamrock Shuffle, the Indy Mini Marathon, and… well… that’s it at the moment. But, I will do at least one other half-marathon, at least one triathlon, and… well… it’s likely that the Chicago Marathon will also be on the final race docket. That is unless I allow MM and his running buddy/groomsman D talk me into a little event in Austin. Not likely at this point. I’m just so far away from triathlons I can’t even wrap my head around it with all the other goings on this year.

But regardless.

This year may not be as jammed packed as last year in order to accommodate some other events, but the truth is after taking some time away from running, the itch has returned. It must be scratched. So it’s time, which is good because training for this year’s spring half marathon begins on Valentine’s Day.

Ah… mi amor


Nikkie said...

I borrowed a wedding planning binder from my boss when I thought an engagement was mere days away. It's been sitting on my coffee table for months and we all know how that worked out. In any case, it is quite handy and I can see how some people may like it. But to each there own - I know your wedding will be AWESOME.

Lindy said...

um, WHAT?! you might not run Chicago?!

ok and I am STILL loving this dress. The cut is fantastic.

Wedding binder Schmedding binder, who cares. When it's all said and done, you will get it done because you're Lou and you effin ROCK. I never had a silly wedding binder and I managed to pull off everything with my woefully underbudgeted wedding budget.

Although I may need a binder to keep my girls, household, work life and running life in order...

Roisin said...

Très cute bridesmaid's dress.

I don't intend to get married. Ever. But if I did, I'd probably have a binder/storage file folder. Because that's how I roll. I have one for running too.

Are you training solo or with CES or with CARA? I'm going to be forced to "virtual train" because I'm that broke at the moment. Boo.

heidikins said...

I love that dress! Are you thinking of the turquoise blue?

And I love that you have signed up for a ton-a-million runs. I'm signed up for the SLC-half in April and (possibly) a full in Athens in November. Athens! I'm not sure what I think about jet-leg marathoning...thoughts?

Kendra said...

Um, sign up for Austin. I'll come down for that. Then I get to see you twice in a year, which might be a record.