Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Lest We Not

Oh please. You didn’t think that I, the Queen of Good Intentions, would actually let the new year pass without resolving to change some such nonsense.

This year I’m going big. For the last several days… maybe more… I’ve had that Yoda quote going through my head:

Do or do not. There is no try.

Now, maybe I’m simple, and perhaps it’s a little obvious to derive inspiration from Star Wars, when – let’s face it – I’m not even a fan, but this is it. My new year’s resolution is to live my life based on this quote.


And you thought it was going to be about losing a gazillion pounds.

And it is. But it’s so much more than that.

As much as I fancy myself to have moved forward in the past few years, beyond the stagnation of my mid-twenties, I am still profoundly lazy. I know. I’m not lazy because I “run marathon(s);” I workout, whatever. I’ve heard it all. It’s not really about that.

It’s about going to spin class and staying in the saddle to do a climb, not because it’s too hard to stand, I’d just much rather sit, thankyouverymuch. It’s about having checks in my wallet for months because I refuse to cross Michigan Avenue during the day (in almost all instances. I will do it, but only if someone is really giving me a good reason to… like say – hypothetically – it’s my mom’s birthday and, because I’m so damn lazy, I still don’t have a card, and so not to disappoint her, I’m going to put one in the mail right this very minute, so it’s only two to five days late, but first, I have to get the damn card). It’s the, “I want to [fill in the blank]” and then never really doing it.

After 29 and a half years, it’s enough to make one sick at oneself.

Thus, a change. Do or do not. There is no try. Either change the light bulb or resolve to live in the dark. Don’t “try to get to bank.” Just go. Truthfully, I’m hoping many of these tasks that lie ahead in 2009 involving me “doing” rather than “don’ting,” but I imagine that’s obvious.

Is this a weird resolution? I resolve to live my life in such a manner that I go to the bank when I need to? Seems... a little too easy.

I guess that in my world, sometimes the neglecting the smallest of tasks can prevent me from taking on the bigger ones. Why bother writing a book when the kitchen hasn’t been cleaned in two weeks? “I’m trying to write a book, but menial tasks just keep getting in the way.” Duh. I mean there are things to be done people! So then do them. Do them when they need to be done. Move past them in order to move to better things. Stop trying. Start doing.

So I’ll admit in essence, my New Year’s resolution sounds a little more like a certain athletic brand’s well-known slogan that reminds us to get off of our asses, but when given a choice (it is my resolution after all), I’d rather live a life inspired by Yoda’s words than by Nike’s. Really, though, who among you would choose differently?


Lindy said...

So if at first you don't succeed...what next? Fuck it?


Lou said...

I guess this involves redefining success. I wondered about this in terms of a race, like you DNF or something, and I think that a DNF is doing. A "did not start" is a not doing. You just have to do it again. When you get knocked down, you don't try to get up, you just get back up.

BTW, I LOLed when I read this. It is hilarious.

"If at first you don't succeed, fuck it." Loves it!

heidikins said...

Lindy--I love your sentiment. Can I get that cross-stitched on a pillow?

Lou--I think this is an excellent resolution, and probably considerably more difficult than it seems, and something that I know I need to tackle as well. But don't you think, in this day and age, I could just pay someone to go to the post-office for me and buy stamps?


Roisin said...

Oh Lindy...I do think I'd want that on a t-shirt. A technical t-shirt that I can wear whilst running.

I like the resolution, Lou. Because it acknowledges that you can't really compartmentalize your life. The attitude you have toward one thing will inevitably bleed into something else. Or something like that. Anywho, good resolution.

Freedom Runner said...

Your get-up-and-go colleague much appreciates this resolution and thinks it will be a good period of growth for you. :o) Besides, being a "doer" is a lot of fun. It also assures that you will always have brake fluid under your hood.