Thursday, March 19, 2009

In Search of the Groove

Oh mah gawd, she’s alive.

Yes. I have been remiss in blogging since… oh let’s see… late 2008, early 2009. I am well aware of my unintentional, unannounced hiatus. And, I admittedly have wondered more than a few times if perhaps this party is over.

But who am I kidding? If there’s a party, chances are I’ll stay too late and drink too much. So, I’m here until you kick me out, which isn’t going to happen because this is my house.

Unfortunately, like my poor tired, drunk partying self, you can’t expect too much from me. Not right now, and I really don’t know why, but it is what is it (as they say) and I figure eventually one of these days I’ll be back to regular posting. I’m just not sure when that will happen.

I was talking to Meg and @ about this on Tuesday during a 5 mile run on the lakefront path. Usually when I run, particularly when I run alone, I write in my head. These eloquent brain musings generally become the basis for my next greatest blog ever. But lately, my brain isn’t writing. It’s overloaded and mixed up and often it doesn’t know which way to turn. It’s like my head is drowning in information--mostly messy work situation stuff (long story).

But the sad news (or the happy news?) is that I have so much to share! There is so much new and exciting, and I can’t wrap my head around four paragraphs to share it with you. This sucks. I want to share! I heart sharing!

OK two quick things now that I’m on a roll. No… three:

1) We moved the wedding to Michigan. Details later, but MM and I are thrilled with the change. We’re getting married at the bed & breakfast where we went on our first vacation together as a couple. Ah romance.
2) A long time ago--a year ago--I wrote about the Bar Method. I’m doing it now. It’s hard as hell, and I love it. Well, as much as you can love pain. You know. More on this to come.
3) I signed up to be a writing tutor to a high school student. It’s through this group called Posse Chicago, and the training session is tonight. This is all part of my plan to get some experience teaching as I move into my next (hopefully) career. Usually when I have to go to info sessions and crap after work, I’m mildly annoyed. I’m actually excited about this one.

I promise I'll be back with more... sooner rather than later.


Kendra said...

OMG you posted! You are my hero.

heidikins said...

I work with high school kids quite a bit, and as punky and dramatic as they can be...I love it. It's more rewarding than I could ever have imagined....and the fact that I go and volunteer as opposed to being responsible for them full-time is awesome as well. :o)


Roisin said...

I'm so glad you are out there. Somewhere!