Saturday, May 09, 2009

Over Dressed

I've received some requests lately, and by "some" I mean exactly two. One was for an Indy race report and the other was for some "non-running" related blogging. Ah the love. I feel it.

Let's see. I'm going to give a quick wedding update because I actually did start and almost finish an Indy race report, but it's unfortunately saved on a different computer, so I'm not going to start from scratch. I'll have to post it later this week.

Meanwhile at Wedding Planning Central... For the last three months I have been struggling to come to terms with the dress I bought at the Filene's Basement sale. It's not that it isn't a great dress. It is. It's very flattering on me, and it's beautiful, etc. But it's just... not me.

Actually it's a lot of things. If you know me, and some/most/all(?) of you do, you know that on most days I don't bother with modern necessities like makeup or hairspray or curling irons. I'll be honest... it's part ego/part lazy. Frankly I don't think I need it (not that it doesn't make me look "better," I just don't think I look bad to begin with), and my motto Monday through Friday is something along the lines of "I just don't have it in me." I lack the desire to get out of bed much less the patience to take any longer than is necessary to get out the door. I have theories about this... but those will be saved for another day. Soon my people.

But I digress...

What was I talking about?

Oh right. The wedding dress. So anyway, poor simple makeup-less Lou bought a huge freaking dress that after awhile began to feel cumbersome, perhaps even daunting. And the more the ceremony began to take shape -- outdoors, on the grounds of a bed and breakfast in Michigan -- the dress seemed downright silly. I mean, why drag an 8 foot train through the grass?

I tried and tried to talk myself into the dress. But I broke. And when my sister came to visit I dragged her to David's Bridal to find an affordable and simple gown.

Mission accomplished:

So there you have it. The only thing I haven't changed my mind about is the groom.


Dena said...

I totally tried that dress on! When we got married, outside, in the grass with reception also in the grass, I got a t-length dress. Also from davids bridal! Different but worth it not to be caring your dress around all night! - See pics on my Facebook page.

- Dena

Kendra said...

Love the dress. Love that you haven't changed your mind about the groom. Love even more than you blogged!

Anastasia said...

Aw, thanks for the non-running related post... ahem, I mean, whoever requested that thanks you I'm sure. I love the last line! That's all that matters, right? And if you do change your mind on the groom you better find another one quickly. You've worked too hard to let all this planning go to waste. KIDDING JOEY! :)

Roisin said...

I would have sent you a message, but I was too lazy. I've been willing you to post again though...that counts, right?

Nice dress! I likes it a lot, and you look fab in it. All of these are good things.

heidikins said...

Love the Simple. Love love love.


Jaime said...

OMG you look beautiful.

RBR said...

Stunning. But then again you would be in anything.

Go forth and marry the one you love. The rest will not matter 10 minutes after you say 'I do'.