Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things You Must Do

Holy hell. Are you into this? This hot mess (literally) known fondly as endurance running?

It's only been a week and yet, I do not remember how we got here. MM said something to me about an interview on NPR or something about running, some book, Mexican ultramarathons, something...

That's sounds nice dear.

I'm kidding, I don't actually talk to him like that.

Then like a day later, we're walking around the Square and pop into a book store, and there it is, this book, "Born to Run."

So we bought it. More specifically, I (the one who reads for pleasure) bought it. I've never actually seen MM read anything that isn't for school, a newsy-style magazine, or related to his job function in some way. But he immediately took it and finished it in about two and a half hours.

It took me a little longer. Mostly because I slept and ate every so often. But holy hell, you have to read this book. This book... well gosh... it's written by one of those totally dude journalist-types in a magazine feature article style. There's story line, with some facts and science woven in, and some slang peppering the narrative just for good measure. It jumps between a tribe in Mexico known for their endurance running ability to scholars and academics and American ultrarunners and WOW.

It boils down to this... all of those people who say marathoning takes too much of a toll on the human body and we humans aren't really supposed to be beating up our bodies through race courses 26.2 miles long (or 32 miles, 50 miles, 100 miles) are wrong. Dead wrong. We are not only built to do this--and not just "run" but long distance running--but it's against our very nature NOT to run.


And you know all how all of us runners are always getting hurt all the time? Doesn't make sense if we're *supposed* to do this, right? Wrong. Do you know that since all these fancy shoes with cushioning and support and crap came along, injury rates among runners have actually risen?

No shit.

Now, I'm sure there is another side to this argument, possibly something about the increase in sheer number of runners out there? Who knows, but this book presents some pretty interesting ideas about distance running and does not lack in the inspirational nuggets department. And if there's something we runners love as much if not more than running, it's a good one liner about running.

Go on. Get it. Buy it at the bookstore or on Amazon or get it from the library... whatever it is that you hippie runners do these days to obtain reading materials.


Lindy said...

Damn running shoes! I KNEW IT! I'm going to break out the old school Etonics and call it a day!

Kendra said...

I'll put it on my list. I'm just now getting to American Wife!

Roisin said...

I'm on, as soon as I have money again. Maybe next month.

I've heard the same thing too, that running (especially for long distances) is one of the most natural things for a human being to do.

Freedom Runner said...

I SO thought this post was going the direction of, "MM signed up to do an ultramarathon during your Mexico honeymoon." (ARe you even going to Mex. on your honeymoon? I've forgotten...)

See you tomorrow, bright n early!

heidikins said...

Whimper! I wish I could run again!!! Damnit!