Monday, July 27, 2009

27 Days

I tried, in vain, to write a blog post from my fancy schmancy new(ish) Google phone while sitting in the airport on Friday. Despite the obvious obstacle of finger typing, it was going fairly well, until I accidentally deleted everything. So… yeah. Sorry.

I spent the weekend in Ohio at the last of my pre-wedding parties, a very “intimate” shower (code for small) with family members and a handful of old friends. It was significantly less stressful than other events, which was welcomed considering I teeter frequently on the edge of being a not-so-hot mess because of… oh… stress, real and imagined.

There are 27 days before the wedding. In that time I will: Take one final trip to Michigan for my hair and makeup trial as well as final meetings with the owner of the bed and breakfast where we are holding the ceremony; run a half marathon; continue training for the Chicago Marathon (which means distances up to and including 16 miles); diet; try to get my skin under control (do not get me started on this); schedule and reschedule a dozen appointments; and attempt not to lose my mind and/or alienate MM.

Yay for weddings.

On the bright side, I’ve finally turned a corner and started to believe that the whole ceremony/reception business will end up being fun, and at this point, I’m kind of actually looking forward to it… it’s what happens between now and August 22 that could potentially cause a nervous breakdown.

So anyway, that’s my random update. I’m going to make an effort to blog regularly for the next few weeks. I think it might help my sanity and give me some perspective.


Roisin said...

I'm sure everything is going to proceed smoothly :) Yay for you! I miss you and will see you on Sunday!

Lindy said...

YAY! For everything...running, wedding, blogging.

Kendra said...

Think of it this way... you get to see ME in 27 days. Aren't you way more excited now???

heidikins said...

I really hope these next few weeks are lower stress...I highly doubt they will be, but a girl can hope, right?


RBR said...

I jsut survived my best friends wedding. It was supposed to be a very small, very csual affair. It was and it was sonderful, but leading up to it was in your words a hot mess.

The day of it all fell together and was wonderful as will yours be. I can't wait for pictures!

And God help you if you only put them on Facebook. ;o)