Friday, July 31, 2009

Reasons Being

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon isn’t until Sunday, but I’m already pissed something fierce about this race and making rash declarations of “never again!” Why?

Well first of all, the Rock ‘n’ Roll franchise bought the Chicago Distance Classic, my first half marathon. But sentiment aside, that didn’t bug me so much. This is what bugs me:
From the Final Race Information packet:
You may only pick up your own race packet and number at the Expo – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Huh? And what?

There must be a caveat though… somewhere… for something…

But there’s not. And to add insult, you have to pick up your own packet at McCormick Place, which for those of you who are familiar with Chicago, is completely out of the way, not accessible by public transportation, and is about the size of O’Hare Airport. If that wasn’t bad enough, they are charging $19 to park, whether you’re there for five minutes or five hours.

This is bullshit. I have never participated in a race that didn’t allow someone pick up your packet for you. Even the marathon allows that. This is just a ploy to boost the number of warm bodies they can claim when soliciting exhibitors for the expo. You can bet your money that I will not buy much less even peruse the merchandise.


And that is how I feel about that.


Lindy said...

oh yeah, it's definitely some b.s, and of course anyone coming from out of town now has to spend money at a hotel.

i've been told that you can park on King Drive a few blocks over and walk. I'm trying to do that this afternoon.

But yeah, it really sucks. I hate McCormick Place. They should have AT LEAST had it at Navy Pier, where a few bus lines go.

Freedom Runner said...

I was pretty annoyed this morning when I downloaded their "final prep" guide (or whatever it's called) and I'm sure it's got useful info in it, but it's formatted to print on some ridiculously large paper. Pardon my language, but how f-ing stupid!

Ah well, I'll do a different, better organized race next year!

Kendra said...

I am sad to hear this. Rock n' Roll just bought out one of my favorite halfs that is in March every year in Dallas and I plan to run the San Antonio one in November. On top of paying for a hotel in SA and the entry fees, if they hold packet pick up at some place with $19 parking they are totally going to hear it from me.

Lindy said...

Hmmm..were you guys aware of who the executive director of this race is? It's John Bingham.

I'm slightly confused. I read an article in the Tribune where he was quoted as such. I read it several times just to make sure I wasn't misreading something. So he sold the race (ownership) but still retains control. Interesting.

I will still run it next year (assuming all goes well on Sunday, this RnR series is supposed to be well organized), because the timing fits perfectly with our training. But I'm extra annoyed about the packet pickup rules. The free and slightly useful stuff in my goodie bag (whole bag of semi-healthy chips, Gu gel shots, cytomax mix, some pain relief thingy) PLUS a free BOTTLE of Muscle Milk Light (tasty) at the expo is cool, though. I haven't seen a goodie bag this marginally useful in a long time!

I was lucky enough to find free parking, at least, but I'm betting during more crowded hours that is highly impossible.