Monday, August 17, 2009

and then there were five

There's probably not going to be a lot of posting this week. The wedding is a mere five days away, and despite the fact that it has been more than one week since I had a meltdown (yay!), my body seems to be picking up the slack. Something has to fall apart, right? In the last three days I have acquired the following: a fairly deep cut on my hand, a burn on my finger (bith kitchen related), a very small burn on my eye lid (a result of an eyebrow wax), a zit on my neck, and the kicker, today I woke up with a sty on my eyelid. Awesome. I have to believe that all of these little mishaps will work themselves out by Friday... just like I have to believe the weather is going to be good.

So anywho... I am currently en route to work with a planned CVS detour to pick up sty cream. Lovely. I know. Things are busy, but I feel oddly in decent shape with the wedding. The house is clean(ish), honeymoon packing has begun, and all the details are seemingly coming together. I've been sensible about abandoning projects that are taking too much effort for little return (stamping napkins) and I've convinced myself that no one will notice my somewhat shabby homemade card box. Yes I mad my own card box. How crafty of me.

Right now I'm stuck on the train... fucking brown line.

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Roisin said...

The Brown likes to lose power every once in a while...isn't that special?!