Friday, August 07, 2009

Play My Favorite Song

You’re probably sick of the wedding chatter by now, but for me, it’s an eat-sleep-breath scenario, so at least I’m blogging about something, right?

The latest (and possibly last?) major element that needs to be finalized is the music. We have a DJ (who, after responding to my emails immediately, has gone mysteriously MIA without setting up our final meeting, and I’ll be honest, this is starting to make me nervous), and while we don't necessarily have to have “play” lists and “do not play” lists, it’s good to give the DJ an idea of what we’d like to hear throughout the night, not to mention, what’s appropriate and not appropriate for our crowd. We have no such lists, not to mention that we don’t even have a first dance song (collective GASP!).

Here’s what we won’t be doing: a father/daughter or mother/son dance; a wedding party dance; married couples dance; bouquet toss; garter toss.

Why? I have my reasons. My dad and I don’t have the best relationship (though he’s stepped up to the plate for the wedding, and I swear, I’ve had more meaningful conversations with him in the last 10 months than in the last 10 years, which counts for something I suppose). Regardless, all of our parents are divorced, some are remarried, and frankly I just don’t feel like calling out the family more than is necessary. We’re keeping it simple.

As for all the “special dances,” we have friends and family in attendance who are single, married, living together, engaged, in long-term, committed relationships, in new relationships, etc., and frankly, as long as everyone is happy, I want all of that to be celebrated rather than to only recognize those who are married. I know a wedding is “about marriage,” but really, I see my wedding as being “about me,” AHEM… “about us,” and our friends and family who want to be there with us regardless of what marital status box they are checking on a tax form.

And yes, no bouquet toss. Five years ago, I would have done it, without question. But more and more, when I’ve been at weddings in the last year or two, it’s not been something I’ve wanted to participate in, and really, it’s always caught by some 10-year-old anyway, so what’s the point? The garter was a non-negotiable. It was never going to happen. Period. End of story.

I hope I’ve not offended anyone. That’s not my intent. This is my wedding, and these are my choices, based largely on our family situations and the style of our reception. I love you all, and if I went to your wedding, it was beautiful (there’s one friend in particular who I keep stealing wedding ideas from, shhhhhh….) and I had a blast, guaranteed, despite the scene I made when I wrestled the bouquet from that junior bridesmaid. Sorry about that.

God, why did I just go into all that?

Anyway, now that everyone thinks I’m anti-family and bouquet tossing, I need your help to build my play list. Tell me, via comments, if you’re at a wedding, what song will get you on to the dance floor?

And don’t make me look like a fool by not commenting, k?


Kendra said...

Really there are so many songs that I'm willing to dance to, for better or worse. ;-)

Sexy Back. I heart Justin.

Roisin said...

I say "Brava!!!" to all of that. The bouquet toss is out-dated and embarrassing. I had a friend who gave the bouquet to her new mother-in-law, which I thought was a nice touch. Garter toss is, was, and always will be, lame and gross.

Songs...I agree with Kendra, "Sexy Back" is awesome. As cheesy as it is, "Shout" is so fun. And having just been at an Indian wedding, "Jai Ho" seems to get everyone up and about.

Please do not play "The Chicken Dance" and "YMCA".

Your wedding sounds kinda perfect to me :)

Justin said...

I've heard "Kiss" by Prince at many a wedding and it never disappoints. Stevie Wonder works well too, "For Once in My Life" is upbeat and appropriate for the occasion.

Add to the avoid list:
Conga by Miami Sound Machine
You Oughta Know by Alanis
Head Like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails
Father Figure by George Michael

Freedom Runner said...

Anything Michael Jackson gets me up and moving. Actually, anything with a beat is good! Classics from junior high dances are also good...things like Bust a Move. You know, the stuff that some people are ashamed to admit they know all the words to. :o)
I'll give this some more thought....looking forward to the par-tay!

heidikins said...

I am so glad you are x-ing the bouquet/garter toss, SO SO glad. I don't understand hurling things as the unmarrieds to encourage them to "get engaged, already!" And I certainly can not agree with a husband removing bits and pieces of his new wife's lingerie and then flinging it at his bachelor's friends, as if to say "you know you want a piece of this." Ugh.

I am no help on music--I'm a classical freak and, unless you are planning a group waltz, my ideas probably won't be of any help.