Saturday, August 01, 2009

Separated At Birth

Oh decisions. They are hard to make... sometimes that is. The hardest part about this whole wedding mess? The decisions... so very many of them... so little time.

After being wishy-washy about dozens of details from the dress to the cake to the... oh right... state where we would hold the event, I finally decided that I did not need my sister to choose my hairdo thank-you-very-much. Not that she wanted to choose my hairstyle, but I basically put her in charge of styling me ("That's why I hired you.") for the wedding. If sister Sarah said ix-nay, then ix-nay it was.

But I'm not challenged. Ultimately, I know what looks good on me. I can figure it out... sometimes... if I try. So I went at it alone. I paged through hundreds (hundreds!) of photos on and I sifted through various styles, most of it prom hair gone bad. I was decidedly--staunchly even--anti-updo. But when I finally happened to find a photo that did not scream "Aquanet abuse," I learned the name of that particular style and simply put that into Google Image search. Within a page or two of results, I found my inspiration.

"side chignon"

It's pronounced "sheen-yon," and yes, I actually had to look that up via that Internets, which are good about those kinds of things. That is when I found this:

That is Jessica Biel, apparently, who was blond for all of 20 seconds recently.

I broke the news to my family when I was in Ohio last week. My sister attempted to hide an ever-so-slight cringe the moment "side..." came out of my mouth. I get it. Done wrong and I'd end up looking like the chick on Napoleon Dynamite. But with my inspiration in hand, I was determined.

Running buddy Meg and @ accompanied me to the salon in Sawyer today for my hair and makeup trial to provide the appropriate level of "you look awesome" support without going overboard or giving me any hint of insincerity.

Maggie, the stylist at Bella Salon and Spa who I might officially be in love with (but not in a threatening to MM kind of way), agreed wholeheartedly with my choice. Apparently I picked something doable for my fine, medium length hair. Um. Yeah. Go me.

Here is Maggie doing my makeup. She also seemed somewhat impressed with my extensive collection of eye shadow duos and trios that I did not even know I had. Some of these items date back to the 1990s. Relics of makeup trends past.

Here's another angle. On the "big day" the looser pieces might be pinned up just a teeny bit more, and the top will be just ever so slightly smoother. But yeah, do you see this? Something special is happening here.

Not the best angle on the hair, but this is the finished product.

I'm not going to lie; I'm fairly pleased with myself and this choice. When we were done, Maggie said, "Do you want me to unpin you?" Um... NO. I'm never going to touch my hair again. It's going to stay like this forever. In fact, when I finally gave in at 8:30pm and began removing bobby pins so I could get to bed (race day is upon us!), I really, truly didn't want to do it. In fact, with eight hours and counting, I realized I loved it even more. Check it off the list.

And yes, you just read and entire post about my hair. You're welcome.


Freedom Runner said...

You look SO HOT lady! Totally should've worn your hair like that for the race. :o)

Great job today, and I will talk to you soon! Saturday at the latest! xoxoxo

Kendra said...

Love the hair! Your wedding is going to be awesome. :-)

Jaime said...

so pretty!!!!

Roisin said...

1. You are so beautiful!!!

2. I'm catching up with your blogging from last week. I've been moving.