Thursday, September 03, 2009

But Not Forgotten

Once upon a time, about a week and a half ago, MM and I went on a real vacation. There was no half marathon, no marathon, no triathlon, no family, big event, or holiday. No... we spent five days sleeping, eating, sunbathing, swimming, sleeping, reading, sleeping some more, and walking around in the blazing hot Cabo San Lucas sun. That's enough to make a couple of newlyweds hungry.

So here it is, in pictures...

Every morning, we were treated this view from the honeymoon suite's private patio.

The Bungalows--think boutique hotel meets bed and breakfast--serves a huge gourmet breakfast every morning. Each breakfast begins with a plate of fruit and fresh-squeezed juice followed by waffles... or a breakfast burrito... or an omelet... you name it, they probably make it and it's amazing.

We were one of three rooms that were occupied at The Bungalows during our honeymoon. We spent a lot of time lounging by the pool all by ourselves. Seriously, we practically had the run of the place.

It was all so stressful, I had to get an hour long massage on the private patio.

After being lazy for several days, we decided one "activity" was in order. We decided that activity would be surfing.

Which looks awesome, but was actually terrifying.

I know you came to this blog in the hopes you would see a photo of MM's foot. So, that whole "surfing adventure" ended with MM "nearly drowning" and cutting his foot up on some rocks.

He was not pleased.

Seriously. He was not happy. Arguably, surfing was my idea.

To cheer him up, we went out to the famous Cabo Wabo to hear some live music and have some cocktails.

MM felt much better once he had this totally manly drink.

Eventually, MM got over his foot and the whole "I nearly drowned out there" nonsense. Our last night, we took a sunset cruise. Yes, we're on a boat.

And we saw some seals!

And then the camera batteries died.


Kendra said...

Those waffles look amazing. And so does your vacation, minus the surfing incident of course!

Glad you are back to entertain me with your blogs. Next time let's go to Mexico together!

Roisin said...

COOL! That's pretty much all I have to say :) Congratulations again and much love.

heidikins said...

Yay waffles, boo cut-up grouchy-man foot, yay for honeymoons and seals. ;o)


MMG said...

JEALOUS! (btw, you look AMAZING in that bikini!)