Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Comeback

Is it just me, or is it crazy humid here in Chicago? I was all proud of myself for putting on a cute shirt today, and now I'm pretty sure back sweat is soaking through it. Oh right... like you've never had back sweat. Isn't your life just charmed? Let's face it people. Back sweat happens. It happens to best of us.

But I digress...

Back to the task at hand. Yesterday I did my first run post injury. Doctor's orders were to wait until Wednesday, but I threw caution to the wind and reasoned, "If its going to hurt today, it will hurt on Wednesday." Sound, I think. The good news is that it didn't hurt. I did 10 solid minutes (OK... maybe I did 11 and some change) in the University's scary basement gym, the same place I showered last week after the bathtub/roach/murder by dictionary incident (if words could kill).

Other than the "running on a treadmill in a basement" part, it went well. I think whenever you have an injury you focus in on that part of the body to the point where you can create sort of phantom twinges, and I spent the first couple minutes thinking, "Is that my foot? Am I in pain?" No Lou, you are just fine. If anything its my knee that is not-so-subtly reminding me that I desperately need to cross train. It's the key people; cross training is the key! Never forget this.

Overall, it went well. I'm still not in pain, and I plan to get on the treadmill on Wednesday for 12-15 minutes of running. I'm targeting Saturday, October 3 as my first outdoor run provided everything goes as planned.

At some point, I'm going to post some wedding photos, and I want to catch you up on my latest and greatest adventure, which I like to call, "Master's Degree: The Sequel: Return to Academia." I don't actually call it that, but it sounds riveting, I know. I was there.


Lindy said...

Woo hoo! Hooray!!!

heidikins said...

Cross training...definitely something I need to get better at. Sigh.


Kendra said...

A treadmill in the basement? Good Lord, I hope your foot continues to improve so you can get outside and run before it gets cold!

Anastasia said...

Lou, I miss you! Can't wait to hear/read about your return to academia. Oh,and "if words could kill"...I love it!! Glad your foot is better btw.