Friday, November 06, 2009

The List

Dear Internetz,

How can I polish off the remaining 25 minutes of work for the week of November 2, 2009? A blog post! That’s how.

Do you remembethat? Maybe it didn’t, but for me, as I’ve gotten older, “weekend,” has become less “sleep in and watch Sex and the City reruns,” (aka my early through mid-twenties) and more “HOW MANY CHORES CAN I MANAGE TO CRAM INTO THE NEXT 48 HOURS AND STILL HAVE A FEW HOURS LEFT TO SLEEP MORE THAN SIX HOURS A NIGHT AND DO SOMETHING FUN AND SIT ON THE COUCH AND CATCH UP WITH THE TIVO?” I’m actually screaming when I ask my brain that question.

“Lou, why are you screaming?” asks the audience. Because it’s not actually possible. But here it is, The Weekend List:

  1. Finish writing wedding thank you notes. I gave myself until Thanksgiving to finish these, and I had been chipping away at them pretty well until the reality of full-time work, part-time school set in. Now I just feel like a slacker, and I just want them off my list.
  2. Workout. I’ve started doing the circuit training workout from Jillian Micheal's book, “Winning By Losing.” This involves four painful circuit training days a week. My goal is to the make it to the gym both Saturday and Sunday morning.
  3. Finish project 1 of 3 for graduate class. I’m meeting with my partner tomorrow hoping we can bang that shit out pronto. I’ve realized that my professor grades based on whether or not you turn something in, so I’m pretty confident that as long as we slap something together that is mildly meaningful, we’ll be fine.
  4. Make a dinner and a lunch that will last the week (or at least a few days). I don’t even need to grocery shop this weekend (miracle!), but for lack of time, I froze the meat I bought on Tuesday so that I could make chicken salad and chili over the weekend and have them as standby meals for the week.
  5. Clean house. Always and forever.
Aren’t you glad that both you and I know what I need to get done this weekend?

Nine minutes to go...

Sunday, November 01, 2009

New Records

It may have *only* been a 5K, but I fought like hell for it. Mark it down folks: November 1, 2009, Hot Chocolate 5K, 31:16 (10:04 pace) place 1,667 out of 4,473.