Sunday, December 20, 2009

12 Days of Bliss-mas

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I am one of those lucky people who works for an organization that actually shuts down between Christmas and New Years. And yes, I still get paid. Technically, I am “working” until next Tuesday, but with a good portion of my office already gone for vacation, it’s hard to feel like these last few days before my 12 days of bliss-mas actually count as work.

Since MM and I will be spending the holiday in Chicago, I will have ample time to work on house projects that I have been putting off since the wedding.

Project #1: Finish the thank you notes
No. Guys. Seriously. Like, for real this time. The truth is, I’m at the end of the road with the thank you notes and I only have about 15 left on the list, but after writing about 7 dozen notes, I simply do not care to write anymore. However, this is not something I want hanging over my head in the new year.

Project #2: Organize the storage closest
This closet is a thorn in my side. I clean it up, clean it out, and inevitably, I need to find something that is buried in a box somewhere in the back of the closest, and I spend a few hours dumping out every single container looking for whatever it is I decided I had to find. Guess what? When I put it all back, I usually just shove it back into the closest, boxed up or not, I don’t care, I just don’t want to see. But this time… the time is going to be different. I have an entire plan (in my head) that involves clear containers and labels, not to mention a massive trash bag and a pile for Goodwill.

Project #3: Clean up the spare bedroom
I don’t even know how this happened, but the spare bedroom… oh man… if my whole house looked like this, I’d be a prime candidate for the show “Hoarders.” It all started when I was unhappy with my dress options for an engagement party, so I dragged two bins of clothing out of the storage closest and then dumped them on the floor of the spare bedroom trying to find something else to wear. Yep. You guessed it…. Yours truly never picked it up. And the problem snowballed from there. The room has become a catchall for all the random shit that collects in every other room of the house.

Project #4: Do something with that pile for Goodwill
Perhaps, I can actually take that every growing pile of stuff we no longer need/want to Goodwill. This is a secondary project that involves projects #2 and #3 to be successful.

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heidikins said...

Um, I'm jealous. Super bad.

Both of the days off and the plans to inner OCD-girl is salivating right now.