Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who Knew?

On Sunday, I ran the Fleet Feet Women’s 5K.

I’ve had so many other things on my mind—things like our house deal potentially falling through if we don’t close by the end of the next week (long story), and our landlord refusing to allow us to stay a couple extra months while our house (if we get it) is being renovated—that after the race was over, I pretty much forgot that I had run it.

But today I was reminded when I received an e-mail attempting to entice me to buy photos of the backs of my thighs while running the race (I was wearing my number on my back), which coincidentally does not make me want to buy race photos so much as it makes me question my decision to wear shorts… ever.

But I digress…

While pondering my thighs, I thought to myself, “I wonder if I PR-ed…” I was pretty sure I didn’t. After all, I sprinted my heart out at the Hot Chocolate 5K in November 2009, crossed the finish line and nearly puked. That had the fight and glory of a PR. I laid it all out, and I came out victorious—if a little worse for the wear.

But this race, I bitched and moaned about having to show up to it, threw a Luna bar across the room when I couldn’t find my sunglasses (I was in a real mature mood) and generally had a baditude about everything that morning. I knew I’d be running alone, but I forgot my iPod, which prompted me to attempt a dramatic display of tears to MM, which didn’t really pan out because after being mentally spent for several days, I didn’t really have it in me to cry. So I sucked it up. I went to the race. I ran without friends, without an iPod, without a watch.

I knew I was moving a little faster than a regular leisurely morning run, but I wasn’t sprinting. I wasn’t laying it out. I wasn’t fighting for it. I just wanted to be done. I had no idea what the clock read when I crossed the start line, so I had no idea how my race went when I crossed the finish line. I know I didn’t nearly collapse or hurl, so it definitely wasn’t a PR.


As it turns out, I finished a full 11 seconds than my previous 5K record for a new PR of 31:05.

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