Thursday, August 12, 2010

American Royalty

In late July, I turned down an invitation to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding to attend a much more important union of two individuals: my sister and the infamous Lars. Sorry Chelsea, family comes first. I’m sure you understand.

And of course, I was the matron of honor, so I had some responsibilities and speeches and dancing to do. It was not a commitment I could really blow off.

Sarah and her maids.
The whole wedding weekend was action packed beginning with the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner on Friday night and wrapping up on Sunday afternoon at my mom and her husband’s house where brunch was hosted. All in all, it was a great week, and I’ll be honest, as glad as I am to no longer be preparing for that major event, I was a little sad after it was over.

I guess it was so great because for whatever reason, nearly everyone in our family showed up with their A game fully intact. There was no drama, no tension, no fights. We are a pretty solid group, but a high stress/high stakes event like a wedding can wear on even the tightest knit family. But not this time, it nothing but smooth sailing on the family front.

Our family has changed a lot. I married MM last year. My mom married Ron the year prior to that. And six months before Mom and Ron married, his daughter married. Five years ago, family visits consisted of me, my sister and my mom (with the occasional boyfriend thrown in the mix), but now it’s Mom, Ron, Sarah, Lars, Adrienne, Matt, Matt’s son, MM and myself. And maybe that’s why I was a little sad after this wedding… because it felt like this weekend a random group connected by marriage and remarriage became a family.

And then it ended, and we all went to our separate corners of the country. But I left with a new sense of what it means to be a part of “our family” and the realization that there are more good times ahead.