Friday, November 04, 2011

Resolutions Recap, Part I

Maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit, but with as fast as the days move lately, my mathematically-sound guesstimate is that 2011 will be over in approximately 15 seconds. With November here, I’ve become increasingly reflective--blame the weather--and I’m thinking a lot about what I have learned this year AND what I want to work on moving forward.

I did have resolutions in 2011, and I’m glad to say that somehow--this will come as a shock--I managed to fulfill at least one of those. And, it turned out to be the least likely of the bunch: Learn to enjoy my current job in marketing at The University.

Maybe it’s just because I put it out there into the Universe, but (huge surprise) I didn’t have to work too hard to make this happen. A lot of things shifted without me doing the shifting: Some coworkers moved on and new ones were hired; I actually made some friends at work (sounds pathetic, but it took awhile); I took on a lot of new responsibilities and became (a lot) busier; and I finally had opportunities to get to know my boss better.

Prior to this year, I knew I had it good at The University--from a work/life balance, functional workplace perspective. But while I was thankful for those things, I also kind of hated it. Even in spring 2011, my job depressed me. I felt stuck.

And then, sometime during the summer, I realized that I felt different. Not only did I not hate it anymore, I was kind of enjoying it, and I had finally stopped trying to come up with a Plan B. Now, I find myself telling people what I do with some enthusiasm (?!?!?) and how lucky I am to be in such a great work environment. I find myself looking at job openings not because I plan on leaving (I may never leave), but because I feel like maybe this isn’t the end for me in this field, maybe there is a next step--a step up.

Here’s the truth: I will probably never LOVE marketing with a burning passion. But I’ve found the that enjoying my job did provide me with at least one of the benefits I was hoping for--a little more focus outside of work to make some of my other goals happen. Rather than constantly being preoccupied with researching the path to a new career... um... path, acceptance of my current job, gave my brain some room think about how to make one of my other resolutions happen: Become a part-time Zumba Fitness instructor.

More on that later..

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