Thursday, February 16, 2012

16 Weeks and Counting

Pregnancy is a lot of waiting... waiting for your next doctor’s appointment. Waiting to feel the baby move. Waiting to show so people realize you’re pregnant and give you a seat on the bus. Waiting to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl.

So far, none of the above has happened to me, though it’s clear my stomach is getting bigger when I wear fitted clothing like my Lululemon Swiftly Tech Shirt (I hate to be “that guy who buys really expensive workout clothes,” but this shirt is totally worth the price, even though as a fitness instructor, I got it at a discount). I should really take some “bump” shots. I know, we hate the word bump. Whatever.

16 Week Appointment
This morning MM and I had our 16 week appointment, which was quick and dirty. We listened to the baby’s heartbeat (it was between 163 and 164), which is normal and healthy, and I had blood drawn for the second trimester screening. The results of the second trimester screening will be combined with the results of our first trimester screening, which were all very normal and gave no indication that we should be concerned about anything. Hopefully that will be the case again.

Looking Ahead
Hearing the baby’s heartbeat is really cool, partially because it’s nice to have proof that the baby is still in there since the signs of pregnancy are pretty minimal right now (for example, I’m not puking or desperately craving Arby’s roast beef sandwiches). However, it doesn’t compare to seeing the baby on the ultrasound. The next appointment, in four weeks, is a BIG one. At 20 weeks (the halfway mark of pregnancy), we should be able to find out if our little one is a girl or boy.

Any guesses? My mom is convinced it’s a boy because she’s certain that our very female-centric family will be turned upside down by the presence of a little boy. My mom also thinks she’s psychic, so there’s that.

Other Thoughts
Like I said, other than pretty much being able to (and sometimes needing to) sleep constantly, I’ve felt pretty good, which means I need to use this time to really get shit in order for when the baby comes. I’m trying to come up with household tasks that make sense to tackle now (stuff like cleaning out closets, obtaining certain pieces of furniture, getting rid of others), but I often end up over-scheduling our weekends and needing any downtime to sleep so I can function in social situations. That’s going to have to change!

One major item that needs to be checked off has begun: We have started our daycare search. At this point--and there’s probably no way this is changing--I am going back to work full time after my maternity leave. We have looked at two daycares and have two more to look at, but we’ve seen one that I’d be pretty comfortable leaving our baby at (as comfortable as I imagine I’ll be dropping a 12-week-old baby off with strangers day after day), but I might write a longer post about all that.

There’s much more to do, but right now I’m just glad the baby is doing well, and I’m feeling pretty decent.

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