Wednesday, February 01, 2012

First Trimester Recap

So now that the cat is out of the bag, and family and friends (as well as my boss and coworkers) know the BIG news, I can recap the first 12 weeks of this adventure with you.

MM and I found out we were expecting two days after Thanksgiving when we were in Ohio. After taking four pregnancy tests (yes, four)—and carefully studying each one with MM—we concluded that, no, our eyes were not tricking us, and yes, that was definitely the second pink line you hope (at this age/stage, maybe not at other ages/stages, amiright?!) to see on the test.

We somehow kept it quiet from my mom for another day before heading back to Chicagoland. We decided to do this because we knew our family would be coming for Christmas, and if we could wait it out, we could tell my mom and her husband, my sister and her husband, as well as MM’s mom, all at the same time for maximum baby news excitement.

For five long weeks, I managed to act “totally normal” on the phone and when making holiday arrangements even though the whole feeling-like-shit-all-the-time side effect of pregnancy was setting in big time.

For the record, the holidays are both an exciting time to find out you’re pregnant and a shitty time to be in the beginning stages of a pregnancy. I started to felt like crap on a stick around December 3, and it got progressively worse until after the New Year, magically disappearing on January 11 for good. I got tired eventually, but the crushing fatigue people talk about didn’t hit me until later. I, on the other hand, got a solid dose of morning sickness, which (stop me if you’ve heard this one) was really all-the-damn-time-sickness.

There was some puking. There was dry heaving (almost worse than actual puking). There was general queasiness. There was the unfamiliar (for me) feeling that I didn’t want to and/or couldn’t eat anything at all.

And when I did eat, I typically chose from the following four food groups:
  1. White food (saltines, white bread, bagels, etc.)
  2. French fries (also a white food, but I give them their own category)
  3. Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwiches
  4. Wendy’s Frosties
Those are food groups right?

I could barely stand to look at vegetable (unless that vegetable was in the form of a fried potato). And my regular cooking repertoire? Out the window. I have never not wanted to eat in my entire life, so this was an entirely new experience. And all of the holiday parties with fun appetizers and fancy desserts? On most occasions, I didn’t even sample the goods.

Though my diet went downhill dramatically during the first trimester, common sense and most “experts” will tell you that it’s better to eat from the above four food groups than not at all and, considering how I felt, my choice was: Junior Roast Beef Sandwich or nada. Sometimes I chose nada.

Christmas was both awesome and rough. All the food and eating events were enough to make me feel ill without taking one bite. But being able to tell my family, in person, and not over the phone, was priceless. We gave our family Christmas cards to announce the news:

I had these custom made on Etsy by heathergearhart.

Actually it's July, but I had these made before we found out our official due date. We also added the ultrasound photo to the blank space on the left.
My sister and her husband actually arrived first and knowing that I couldn’t keep the news in for long, we gave them the card in the car after picking them up from the airport. In hindsight, this was a bad idea, because the subsequent screaming and excitement nearly caused Joey to have an accident. We told my mom and her husband later than night and, because my sister already knew, she was able to stealthily film the whole thing without my mom noticing. I will eventually upload that video, but it’s a lot of crying, screaming, laughing (mostly my sister cackling in the background) and “I knew it!” coming from my mom.

Moms always know it.

After the excitement died down and the family left, I luckily had another whole week off work, during which time I nearly exclusively laid on our couch and moaned. I think having nothing to do, while it was a welcome break, actually made the icky feeling worse. But by the time I came back to work on January 3, the symptoms were beginning subside. On January 11 (my 11th week of pregnancy), a switch was flipped and the morning sickness disappeared entirely. The fatigue definitely hit me around this time, but my first trimester experience taught me something about me: I’ll take a 7:30pm bedtime over dry heaving in the shower every morning any day of the week.

That seems like nice visual to leave you with, doesn’t it?

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I love your announcement card! What a great idea!