Friday, February 17, 2012

A Visit from Adam Scott

I promise I’m not going to regularly post about my dreams, but a regularly reported “side effect” (?) of pregnancy is vivid, often strange, dreams. Some are about the baby. Some are less… how do you say… innocent. Needless to say, I love having vivid dreams that I can remember even when they are about my husband and I being incapable of caring for our kid. And then there was last night’s dream, starring this guy:

It was definitely PG-13, not R-rated (sorry friends), but if dreaming about making out with Adam Scott is what I get for watching Parks and Recreation right before bed, well um… sign me up.

Oddly my husband was in my dream and gave me his blessing to go ahead with this questionable behavior, but hey, thanks Hubs! (In true Lou fashion, I immediately told MM about the dream when I woke up, which I’m sure he appreciated. I'm an honest wife like that.)

I’m not sure what it is about Adam Scott. I wasn’t a fan immediately, but he grew on me after watching him on Parks and Rec then Party Down on Netflix. I think his scrawniness and big head vaguely remind me of my first boyfriend, only a clean-cut version, which I guess is more my speed these days.

Whatever the case, I’d like to request that dream again. And I’d like to go back to bed now.

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