Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Emergence of Pregnancy Brain

I’m 32, not what I’d call a “young” mother-to-be, but of pretty average age for a professional, urban (or urban-suburban, as I like to think of myself and my home just outside of the Chicago city limits) dweller to be starting a family. So while it took some time to get to this place, suddenly a lot of women I know crossed the line from being not-a-mom to being a mom (or mom-to-be). And, if you have mom friends and/or pregnant friends, you’ve probably heard of the phenomenon called “pregnancy brain.”

Is pregnancy brain even a real thing? I think the answer to that question is it doesn’t really matter if it’s real if you're already convinced you’re experiencing it. Maybe it’s an excuse, but I’m pretty sure I haz pregnancy brain.

MM and I have been attempting to plan our Austin babymoon for about a month now. We originally planned to go in May, but the NATO/G-8 Summit mess has put every law enforcement agency in the Chicagoland area on high alert. My husband, he works at one of those agencies, and May is shaping up to be a hectic month as they ramp up for the big event. So we decided to go in April instead.

I got my vacation days approved then spent an evening with MM and my computer (in bed of course because that’s how I roll these days), typing our credit card number into airline reservation, credit card reservation, and hotel reservation forms. We’re flying into Austin on a Saturday, spending two nights “near the action” (I haven’t figured out if the “action” is in downtown Austin or some other Austin neighborhood/area, but according to my Texas friends, we’re staying in a central spot), then we’re heading 30 minutes outside of the city to a spa, where we’ll stay for three days before heading back to Chicago.

Sounds lovely, right?

It does. Except that I woke up this morning (nearly a week after we booked the trip) thinking to myself, “Didn’t I request to go to a continuing education workshop in April? What was the date of that?” complete with the sinking feeling that I had overlapped the dates of our vacation with the dates of the workshop.

I had. The good news is that I hadn’t actually signed up for the workshop yet, so at least no one is out a bunch of money (me or my employer). But I had to have a conversation with my boss that started with me saying, “I’m completely losing my mind…” So that whole continuing education goal (the easy goal) from last year’s performance review? Yeah, I am kind of SOL on that.

Of course, it’s truly no big deal because my boss really doesn’t care, and she’s fine to send me to something bigger and better next year anyway. I just feel like moron.

But hey, the babymoon is officially happening! Glass half full!

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heidikins said...

Oh goodness, hang in there honey!