Friday, March 30, 2012

Real Work (As Opposed to Elective Internet Research)

Lately I’ve been forgetting that I have a real job. And not only to I have a “real job,” there’s stuff happening there—arguably exciting stuff.

First, I moved into a new workspace. After three years in what had to be the shittiest cube on my floor, I have more privacy, a bigger space, an extra table just for kicks, natural light, and a view of downtown Chicago.

Fancy huh?

But that’s not all. I’m going to be changing jobs soon. A few months ago, my boss
approached me and encouraged me to apply for a director position in another department in our division (She prefaced this with the caveat that she didn’t want to lose me, but she knows these opportunities are few and far between, and she thought it was a good fit). For a variety of reasons—the final straw being the BFP pregnancy test—I decided that it wasn’t the right opportunity or the right time for me to apply for a new, more visible role in my division. Regardless, it was a nice surprise that my boss, my vice president and the hiring vice president all seemed to think I should be considering bigger and better things.


My coworker—who I had been told would also likely be applying for the director job—eventually ended up being offered this position, which opened up the opportunity for a few of us in my department to shift around. After some thought, and though it’s a lateral move, I decided to take his job. With the new job comes a raise (woo hoo!), a direct report, the opportunity to work on new projects, and exposure to more of The University (in my current job, I basically work with one other department).

Even though I’m still pregnant and choosing to take on a new role, the upside is that I’ll still be reporting to my current boss, which means I won’t have to figure out expectations or the kind of support I’ll have. There will be a learning curve, but it won’t be from the ground up, and I can handle that. And truly, after three years of doing the same projects with the same people over and over and over, I’m ready for a change.

Other than that… 

This week wasn’t a shining example of productivity. Lucky for me, I don’t feel the kind of guilt I used to when I spend the evening laying on the couch watching television.

Pregnancy I’m finally starting to feel our little girl move around and I think—I’m never quite sure—that I’ve felt her kick a few times. I’m sure over the next few weeks that her movements and kicks will become stronger.

Meals I did manage to make dinner a whopping three times this week. I think that’s a pregnancy record. Of course, I didn’t eat one of those meals for dinner, but I did take it to work for lunch, so as long as it didn’t go to waste I’m happy.

Workouts This was poor. I taught my Zumba class on Sunday and managed a 30-minute run on Wednesday and… that’s all folks! I was so lazy that when I woke up feeling run down with a slight sore throat on Thursday, I decided to cancel my Zumba class. I felt a bit guilty about that, but I got to take care of number one.

Speaking of Zumba I am starting to wind down my Zumba “career.” I have nine more classes to teach, and then I’ll be handing the reigns over to another instructor. The unfortunate thing is that I feel like I finally have hit my stride, after the initial January resolution attendance bump, my classes got smaller (normal for any fitness class), but lo and behold, every week I have a new person or two show up (in the middle of a session no less) who seem really pleased with the class and keep coming back.

Not only that, but despite losing some of the January “resolutionists,” I had a lot of people from my first 2012 session sign up for my second 2012 session—a solid retention rate and a lot more than I had from the last 2011 session to the first 2012 session. At least I’m going out on a high note.

Other Nonsense My husband and I have somehow managed to become “involved in our community” for better or worse. MM always was, he’s quite the man around town in our Chicagoland ‘burb, but now we’re working on a committee together to plan a family biking event.

I’ve never lived in a place that I felt so compelled to get involved, but it’s a great way to get to know our neighbors and it can be fun (but sometimes frustrating). Of all the places I’ve lived, this is the first where people seem really interested in getting involved and getting to know their fellow community members.

The Weekend Cometh Thank goodness. MM and I have some time this weekend to get a few items off the Before Baby to do list I put together, and I’m hoping for some relaxing + productivity. We’ll see.

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Les @ LPN Salary said...

Congratulations on the new job (and the new office space)!

Exciting times now that your baby's starting to move around! That's what I miss about being pregnant.

Lots of good news for you huh? Have a great weekend!