Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random Pregnant Thoughts

Weekend Wrap Up 
MM and I had a busy Easter weekend—two birthday parties plus family commitments on Easter Sunday. It was the kind of weekend that was the norm for us pre-pregnancy, but as of late, I’ve been protective of our downtime and not at all proactive about making social plans. Truth, it was too busy. After a one-year-old’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon, I willed myself through an adult birthday dinner that night. Sunday afternoon (post-Easter brunch, pre-more family time at my MIL’s house), I fell asleep fast and hard for a good three hours.

The Growing Bump 
I’m apparently huge now. The ladies in my Zumba class on Thursday night were shocked to see how much I (the baby?) had grown in a mere two weeks. Granted, I had eaten a reuben sandwich and fries for lunch, which—hindsight—is not the best pre-workout meal (just saying), and I think that might have been contributing to my size. Maybe that’s wishful thinking.

Over the weekend, I received my first “waddling” comment. It seems too soon—I can’t possibly be that pregnant, can I? Except then I remember, I’m a handful of weeks away from my third trimester.

Wait, What? 
How did that happen? Before this month is over, I will officially be in the “home stretch…” depending on how you define home stretch. Honestly, it kind of blows my mind that in three and half months, this pregnancy journey will culminate with the birth of our baby girl. Saying July sounds far away, but if I think about our plans for the upcoming weeks and months, I’m pretty sure June is going to be here before I’m all sick of pregnancy and shit. It’s a good feeling that it’s going by at such a nice pace, and yet, it’s terrifying that the pre-baby to-do list seems to grow as opposed to shrink (like me!).

Not-Pregnant Anymore 
I’ve been lucky enough to have several friends, acquaintances, a couple bloggers I regularly read, as well as a family member going through pregnancy at the same time I am. Except now, some of those people have given birth and several of them (actual real-life people I know) are due to give birth in the next four weeks or so. It seemed like we were all in this together only a few short weeks ago with no end in sight, and now… well, this makes it all more real.

That’s all I got for today. I’m trying to put together my thoughts on my newest attempt to get more strength training into my routine: barre-style classes.

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