Friday, May 25, 2012

The List: A 30 Weeks or So Pregnant Update

OMG. Less than ten weeks and the big D date will come and go, and most likely, I will still be pregnant. But regardless, I can hardly believe that I’ve entered the part of pregnancy where I have to see the doctor every two weeks. Yep. That’s what I do now.

No Complaints
I went to prenatal yoga on Tuesday for the first time in maybe eight weeks. The class I like is a little later than I prefer for weeknight working out, but now that Zumba is ending, I feel like I need to get back to yoga for the remainder of my pregnancy. At the beginning of class, the yoga instructor often asks if any of us have any complaints or areas of the body we’d like to focus on. I racked my brain to come up with something--not so much because I wanted complain about something or even participate--but because I wanted to check in with myself and be aware of my symptoms, what was making me uncomfortable, etc.

I came up with... nothing...

So it’s not like I’ve had no symptoms, but since the first trimester, I’ve had little to complain about. I’ve had some minor acid reflux... maybe four times total. There was one day when my back was bothering me, but that was gone by the time I woke up the next day. I have no problem getting comfortable to sleep, but sleeping through the night depends on managing my water intake in the evening. I am usually able to do this, but because I typically work out in the evening, I’m noticing that if I over-compensate, I am prone to cramping in my legs. I blame it on working + misjudging my hydration, but this is a common pregnancy symptom, and so far this has only happened a handful of times. SO FAR. Unfortunately, charlie horses and leg/foot cramping is something I experienced semi-regularly before pregnancy, so we’ll see if this persists as I become pregnant-er.

Adios Zumba
I want to write a longer post about this, but I said good-bye to teaching Zumba this week. I am relieved. Leading up to this, I had more mixed feelings, but by the time I finished my class last night--pushing 31 weeks no less--I am thrilled to be done. Plenty of fitness instructors teach until they are full term, but I am pretty convinced at this point that I could not have gone six more weeks. Maybe I’m just not as fit, but I think being a fairly new instructor with exactly one year of teaching under my belt, I just do not yet know how to instruct a class without doing every single thing they do. It’s a skill that I believe comes with time, and I’m hoping someday I master it. But for now, I’m done, and I could not be happier that I can workout at my own (slow) pace, without being responsible for several other people’s experience.

Tackling the List
Meanwhile, back at the ranch... my husband and I have kicked it into high gear when it comes to tackling our “pre-baby” to-do list. We’ve installed bookshelves, moved around furniture, set up the baby’s room, and cleaned out and organized several closets. There’s still more to do, but the progress we are making has kind of surprised me. It’s like we finally realized, oh shit, time is running out. For real. Think about it folks... May is nearly over, June is jam-packed, and then, well... that’s the when the real countdown to July 29th begins.

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