Monday, May 07, 2012

Running for Two (A "Race" Report)

For about two weeks now I've been pretty convinced that my pregnant running days are coming to an end. Since my little episode, every run has felt hard, I have mild cramping in my side and/or abdomen, and I'm uncomfortable. The last run I did I made it 17 minutes before I said to my running buddy that I had hit my limit. After that, I figured I'd give run/walking a try before I gave up altogether, but I my last few runs have definitely been discouraging.

It turns out that I might have spoken too soon.

Every year, my husband and I do the Run to Remember 5K, which raises funds for the families of fallen officers. There's always a big group from MM’s police department and after three years, it feels a bit like tradition. Plenty of people walk the entire course, so I planned on participating regardless of whether or not I was able to run, but I had hoped that I’d still be running when this race came around.

The morning of the race, I felt good—good enough to give running a shot. Several people gave my huge-ish bump the once over and assumed I would be walking or standing on the sidelines. I took a lot of pleasure in telling them that I’ve been running my entire pregnancy, and while I wasn’t sure I’d make it all 3.1 miles, I was certainly planning on running part of the course and walking the remainder.

Ego much?

And we were off… 
I started at a pace that I thought was slower than my already slow ass, not pregnant pace of about 12 minutes per mile. I figured I was somewhere between a 12:30 and 13 minute pace. In other words, S-L-O-W, but hey, I was running, and it felt good. To my surprise when I hit the first mike marker I looked down at my watch to see that I had just passed 11 minutes and 30 seconds—not bad. I still felt good, so I kept running and resisted the urge to speed up.

I did decide that I would walk through the water station and drink a full glass of water just to play it safe. While it was a cool morning, it was reasonably humid, and I didn’t want to take any chances with dehydration. My water/walking break lasted approximately 1 minute 30 seconds, and as soon as I tossed my cup, I started running again. I finished with an official pace of 12:12, total time of 37:54. I went into this thinking that anything under 40 would be pretty decent, and while this was certainly not my “fastest” race, it wasn’t too shabby for the officially-in-her-3rd-trimester-pregnancy-lady.

Maybe more importantly, running this race made me feel like maybe it isn't quite time to hang up my running shoes. Maybe I have a few more weeks of running left in me. We shall see…

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