Thursday, May 03, 2012

There and Back Again (An Almost 3rd Trimester Update)

There seems to be some debate about when the third trimester actually begins (week 27, week 28, who knows, really?), but the fact remains, at 27 weeks, I’m gearing up for the final round. We’re officially back from our last hurrah as a freewheeling, childless couple (more on that in another post). And after a fairly low-key winter socially, every weekend in May and June seems to be spoken for with weddings, showers (both bridal and baby), and family commitments--not to mention the hours we’ll log at baby classes.

Pregnancy Pains
I really can’t complain about anything seriously, symptom-wise, though knowing me, I do/will anyway. One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed over the last few weeks is that I get winded very easily now. In Austin, we took the hotel’s bikes out for about five or six hours and rode around the city. My body is not acclimated to riding up and down hills anyway, and these days, I can’t make it up a flight of steps without huffing and puffing. I walked my bikes up several hills (which was not easy). Kind of embarrassing for someone who still has four more weeks of teaching a fitness class, but what can you do?

Though I still think I have it pretty easy, everyday stuff is definitely getting harder. I grunt a lot to illustrate the difficulty in performing normal tasks like sitting up, laying down, rolling over (and apparently my normal tasks have been reduced to a repertoire of simple dog tricks).

Thing I Still Do
Everyone likes to ask you how you’re feeling when you’re pregnant. I generally feel good, and since I like to talk about myself (see: this blog), I usually give people the rundown of what I’m still doing. This includes: sleeping through the night (for the most part), sleeping comfortably on my back (this is kind of surprising, and my doctor didn’t exactly give me her blessing on this one, but based on my own research, it seems like as long as I’m not getting lightheaded, short of breath or experiencing numbness, this is OK), and teaching Zumba and working out four times a week. And... yeah, that’s all I got. The “still teaching Zumba” things seems to be the most impressive, so I’ll take it.

Reality Bites
Minor panic that we’re in the home stretch--a long-ish home stretch, but the home stretch nonetheless. I can easily rattle off our commitments for nearly every weekend between now and early July, which makes it feel like there’s very little time for all the pre-baby to dos I have on my list. But slowly and since being back from Austin, MM and I have been trying to use our available free time to get shit done.

Pregnant and Running
In the last few weeks, running has become significantly harder, there’s no denying that. However, this weekend I am running a 5K--my first race since the fall. This race will basically determine whether I can keep running (or even run/walking) or if it’s time to back off and focus on other forms of exercise.

Le Bump
I don't know why I keep taking early morning, pre-workout photos of myself and posting them. They are basically the worst. Oh well...

27 weeks and counting...
I have minor bump hysteria from time to time. I often look in the mirror and am horrified by how huge I am. I am convinced that people must think I'm due in a few weeks, not a few months. But then I take a photo and realize that maybe I'm not as huge in reality as I am in my head.

Momentary Lapse
It's been a stupid busy week getting back into real life again. I actually started this blog post four days ago. Hopefully I'll be more consistent now that things are settling back into normal life again.

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