Friday, June 29, 2012

The Baby's Room: Diapering Station

As I mentioned in a previous post, MM and I lit a fire under our own asses and really cranked out the house projects in May and June. Of course, one of these projects was fixing up the baby's room--obtaining and putting together furniture, moving the furniture around, decorating, organizing.

Since I have a tendency to be a fair-weather blogger who's mind is even further compromised these days from a little thing call "pregnancy brain," I did not have the forethought/foresight to take before and after photos. But hey, never late than better... or something like that.

We'll start in the corner where my husband will do the majority of the heavy lifting: the diapering station:

Changing table: I actually attempted to save money on some of the furniture in the baby's room and found very gently used Pottery Barn furniture on Craigslist. It still wasn't cheap (and we did not buy the crib secondhand), but I'm pretty thrilled with the purchase. People have differing opinions about whether true changing tables are necessary (vs. dressers that can be converted after the babe is no longer in diapers or just changing the baby on other surfaces), but we already had a dresser for her room and I am loving the extra storage space and cute baskets.

Decor: I had "big plans" for a theme in the baby's room, but ultimately, I'm not really a theme person or a crafty person or a person with buckets of patience. Instead, I took some random crap from our house and some random crap from my mom's house and used that instead. The framed picture over the changing tables is of my hand prints with a cute little poem about being small. The hooks on the right side of the crib (which I could have taken a better picture of) is something I picked up in Mexico on our honeymoon. It works for me.

Diapering: After a lot of thought and research, back when I had time at work to surf the Internet, I decided that I wanted to try cloth diapering. I'm not generally a gung-ho environmental type, but it seemed like a good idea to save some money, save some space in a landfill, and save our sanity so that there are no "Oh shit we're out of diapers and it's 2 a.m." emergencies (does that even really happen?).

Exclusively cloth diaper was never the plan, partially because most daycares won't do it, but also because I'm realistic about me. However, I hope to cloth diaper mainly at home, and I hope that having a stash of cloth diapers means that we never have to run out in the middle of the night to avert a diaper crisis. Plus, they are pretty freaking cute:

So far my cloth diaper "stash" is pretty light, but I have four BumGenius All-In-Ones (AIOs); two Flip diaper covers, which are basically reusable covers with inserts (I think I have six inserts), and two Thirties diaper covers, which really won't do me much good until a get a few fitted diapers to go under the covers. The whole cloth diapering this is really confusing--so many kinds--but I think I have it figured out to the point where we can at least give it a shot. I'll probably purchase a few more types of cloth diapers, but really, what I have now (enough for 10 changes) would probably, maybe get us through a day. If I love it and want to do it more, I'll probably purchase enough to get us through two days, to lighten the amount of laundry I need to do. As for the disposables, we received tons of diapers as gifts, which I was not expecting. These will not go to waste. 

Diaper Pail: For the cloth diapers, I have a "wet bag" that you can't see in the photo. This will basically function as a hamper for soiled diapers only. For disposables (and wipes and maybe general trash), I received the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail, which is reasonably priced and seems to get good reviews. My limited research on diapers pails led me to this conclusion: Diaper pails are nice to have, but do not perform miracles, so there's no reason to blow the bank on a Diaper Genie or other fancy brand.

And finally, this isn't really part of the room, but it's diapering-related. I decided "the hell with it," and I ordered the expensive diaper bag I really wanted. It showed up yesterday (which happened to be my 33rd birthday, so happy birthday to me!). I hope it lives up to my expectations in the field because looks-wise and comfort-wise, I already am in love with it and completely comfortable I spent a stupid amount of money on this bag. Hey, it's going to get use, a lot, and to be fair, I had a pretty substantial Pottery Barn Kids store credit.

Front. Plenty of inside and outside pockets for bottles, diapers, wipes, etc.
Changing pad. This detaches as well.
Backpack or shoulder bag. This was a key selling feature for me.

So, uh... diapering? Check. We're good to go.

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