Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beginnings And Endings

Everyone who has ever been on maternity leave with the intention of going back to work will tell you this: The moment it feels like things are starting to fall into place--your babe is smiling, interacting, and starting to do the cool discovering-the-world-around-her stuff; you’ve adjusted to a new routine that you can allllllllmost count on; you're getting a reasonable amount of sleep most nights; and you realize that you’re actually having fun with your kid--is exactly the same time maternity leave ends.

I don’t think I’ve sugar coated my maternity leave experience, but there are times lately when notice that I’m actually kind of, really happy. Emery is not (and may never be) a laid back baby, but her crying no longer overwhelms me. And the truth is, she’s less fussy everyday (though she's challenging that observation today). She’s more soothed simply by me talking to her rather than me spending hours on end holding her while walking and bouncing. She’s more entertained by "stuff," which means that mom can often eat a sandwich while Emery hangs out in her baby gym. Mom tends to be a much more pleasant person when she can eat a sandwich.

Mom and Baby Yoga
On Monday, Em and I met AT for mom and baby yoga. How much yoga happens depends entirely on your baby. Em and I have been twice, and this time Em was on pretty good behavior. I probably got to do about 70 percent of the class. That didn’t happen the first time, and it may not happen the next time, but it definitely felt worth it.

We’ve been so lucky with this. Em’s been a decent sleeper from the pretty early on. Like most newborns, once Em got her days and nights straight, she went to bed later, often around 10 or so. And she regularly slept a stretch of five hours by four weeks old. It doesn't sound like much, but that's actually pretty awesome. At seven weeks, we started experimenting with an earlier bedtime. It got earlier--a lot earlier--fast. We’ve now realized that Em not only goes down easier if we get her to bed around 6:30pm, but she also sleeps longer. Though we still get nights where she her longest stretch of sleep is six or seven hours (a couple weeks ago we had one night when she woke up every three hours -- nightmare), she’s been consistently sleeping eight to nine hours for about three or four weeks now. Except for the last two days when she's slept for... 11 HOURS STRAIGHT. I often wake up praying it's after 3 a.m. When I looked at the clock the last two nights, I nearly cried tears of joy when I saw it was nearly 6 a.m. I'm trying not to get used to it.

I've been obsessed with BLT's (+ Avocado) and soup lately. I made a slow cooker tortilla soup that was awesome, but now that I'm out, I've been relying on Trader Joe's tomato soup and their roasted red pepper and tomato soup. I highly recommend both.

On Monday, 60-minute Hot Power Fusion at CorePower Yoga (in addition to mom and baby yoga).
On Tuesday, a brief 30-minute walk around the neighborhood.

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