Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trying Times

I made a promise to myself at some point: I will try to give slightly more of a fuck about my appearance when I return to work from maternity leave than I did before I left. Combine being huge and tired with not really caring that much to begin with and... yeah, I basically wore yoga pants to work for three months.

The first step of this process was to clear out my closet of items that I don’t wear, that don’t fit, that I haven’t worn in years, or that are in bad shape. That last one is the hardest for me. I am terrible about getting rid of clothing that has seen better days. Right now, I’m wearing my old Ohio U Bobcats long-sleeved t-shirt which has about 18 holes in it. I mean, I’m not headed to the office, but it’s probably beyond worth sleeping in.

This is the pile of “get rid of,” which is now sitting in a bag in our basement waiting for me to sort through it again to determine if items should be tossed, Goodwill-ed or sold.

I packed up my spring/summer clothes, maternity clothes (after some debate, I decided against continuing to wear the elastic waistband pants), and some clothing that doesn’t quite fit, but I love too much to get rid of (I like to hold onto hope). 

The next part of the plan is to make sure I have some clothing that fits. Good news/bad news, I guess: Because my weight tends to coughflutuatecough, I have a vast array of sizes to choose from and am actually able to wear some of my old non-maternity clothes even if I’m not quite at a weight where I’m totally comfortable.

In my closet, I hung the clothes that I can use. I took a few items to the tailor for minor alterations, which should help extend their lifespan. And next week, I’m going shopping. I’ve abandoned the “I’ll shop when I’m at X size” attitude. I’m determined to feel good about what I’m wearing regardless of what the tag says. I’m going to get a few pairs of pants, some easy-access nursing tops (as I will be pumping at work), a cardigan or two, and maybe a new pair of brown boots (if I can justify the splurge).

How long will my attempt to give a fuck last? I have no idea, but it seems like returning from maternity leave is a good time to make an attempt.

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Inspirational! I went to Old Navy this week because I was sick of wearing maternity pants that kept falling off but not ready to commit to wearing my pre-maternity pants (because apparently being able to sit down is important.) I can't even tell you what having a pair of jeans that I can wear like a normal human being has done for my outlook on life.