Tuesday, January 08, 2013

But Seriously, I Should Probably Stop Eating Now

Or, this pregnancy (yeah, let’s call it pregnancy) weight isn’t going to lose itself, AMIRITE?

For what is (or at least was) arguably a health/fitness blog, I haven’t talked much about my attempt (or lack thereof) to lose the lingering pregnancy weight. That is, of course, because it all just fell off with no effort as promised with breastfeeding.


Actually, I did get close to being at my pre-pregnancy weight. A decent chunk came off immediately, due to no longer hauling around an 8+ pound person in my stomach. During my maternity leave, despite my challenges with higher impact cardio, I went to yoga several times a week and walked a ton. And even though I was often shoving food into my face with one hand while the babe was attached to me, I was actually eating pretty healthy too. Sure, I wasn’t thrilled with my squishy stomach, but I could easily zip up some of my larger-sized pre-pregnancy jeans. That felt good enough for eight to twelve weeks postpartum, and honestly, I wasn't sweating it too much (which is what happens when you don't need to deal with pants that button because anything with a stretchy waist band will be just fine for errands/bumming around the house/a playdate).

Then I went back to work.

I made the mistake of thinking that being at work would make my life easier. No more managing a baby and myself. I just had to manage myself and work. I could bring my lunch, eat healthy everyday, have a little more control. Turns out I was wrong.

Being at a desk eight hours a day, I’m a lot more sedentary, and from the moment I came back (two days before Halloween) to now (barely post-holidays), this place has been a gold mine (landmine?) of candy, sweets, parties, happy hours, special lunches, and the like. Being that I have both hands free, I’ve partaken generously in these eating activities.

Add to that the holidays in general, and guess what, those new work pants I bought myself in October? Those are feeling a bit snug.

Not cool, Pants, not cool.

So with the new year, of course, comes the opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Right now, I’m working hard to get in 3 (or more) workouts a week. I’m packing my work lunches again and attempting to avoid things like breakroom fudge (seriously, on January 7?). Freezer meals are a huge help when it comes to ensuring that dinner is healthy, homemade, and low maintenance.

But this isn't a New Year's resolution so much as a life goal though. I want to feel good about myself so that I can be a better mom. I want to maintain healthy eating habits all the time so that Emme learns healthy eating habits without out the trials and tribulations I have endured in that area. I don't want to have to talk about it with her. I want to just do it, so she sees it and understands it as the way we live. That's the real goal, and that's what I'm going to do.

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