Monday, January 14, 2013

Five or So Months, An Update

It's been awhile since I posted an update on Emme, so now that we're closing in on the six-month mark (!!!!), how about now? As good a time as any, right?

Milestones: Emme is sitting up! Well, almost. With minimal support she stays balanced and upright easily. With no support, if she's balanced just right, she can maintain the position for 30 seconds or so, but she usually quickly goes into a "tripod" position, leaning forward on her hands.

Other than sitting up, she is grabbing everything, at which point, it goes directly in her mouth. She's also starting to bang toys, which is pretty funny. As for any mobility, she is desperate to start moving. We're not anywhere near crawling yet (though I'm sure it will be here before I know it), but when she's on her tummy, she can do a full push up on her arms, and she can get her butt in the air. It's pretty hilarious. And, she's starting to laugh more (which might be the most amazing sound I've ever heard)!

Eating: We're still breastfeeding, and don't get me wrong, I do enjoy nursing. But now that I'm back at work basically full time, I can tell you this: Pumping sucks (literally! Groan.). Seriously though, I pump three times a day at work, and I have a job that has made this as easy as possible for me to do, and it still sucks. I've been lucky that my supply has kept up with her demand, but I have decided that once we hit six months, I'm going from three pumps to two. If we end up having to supplement with a little formula, so be it.

And... we've started solids! However, this has been the first thing we've done that I'm guilt- and anxiety-ridden about. Why? My best armchair psychiatrist guess would be that I'm worried about passing all my issues surrounding food to Emme (see: This blog), and I want to make sure we do this just right. Logic tells me that we're going to screw her up no matter what, maybe about this, definitely about some stuff, so we might as well move forward.

Most advice you'll read/hear about solids is "watch the baby, not the calendar." After watching Emme watch us eat with what I would call "intense interest," we gave her rice cereal at about four months and three or so weeks. After trying rice cereal (she loves it!), we gave avocado a shot (she was a bit skeptical). Next we'll try bananas.

Grabbing the spoon from Daddy. She is her father's daughter.

Sleep: We're getting there. I think. I pray every night that we're getting there. I keep telling myself that we're getting there. And for the most part, it's OK. I am OK with one middle of the night wake up at this point. Sometimes she sleeps through the night though, which is amazing because it seems like her nighttime sleep is ultimately going to be 6:30pm-7am, which is just about perfect for our family. I actually had to wake her up this morning to feed her before I left for work. Confession time: Against the advice of our doctor, we're still swaddling her. It still seems to make a world of difference, and I don't know how to break the swaddle. I have decided that this is something we'll deal with at six months.

As for naps, we're in a bit of a nap flux, though they keep telling me at daycare that her napping is getting better. At daycare, she usually sleeps 45 minutes in the morning, and an hour and a half at noon. An hour an a half is FAR longer than she ever sleeps for me, but they tend to tell me when she doesn't sleep that long so I believe them.

Schedule: Other than sleep, Em seems to be doing well at daycare. She has mellowed out quite a bit (after getting back on schedule post-holidays). She is definitely a baby who needs stimulation and does well when there are other babies/kids/people to watch. On the weekends, we take her out and about, and she typically does well in restaurants, though she's starting to not like being stuck in her carseat, so she usually ends up in my lap.


I can tell you this much: I do not miss the newborn stage. But now that things have gotten "easier," I do my best to savor the moments she falls asleep in my lap, and I can just rock her like I did when she was a wee babe. It's so neat to watch her awareness of the world blossom. You can definitely see that we're getting approaching that point where she's closer to being a little kid than she is to being a newborn. 

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Lindy said...

Stage 2 rice cereal with apples is quite delicious. Or so I heard.