Saturday, February 02, 2013

You Say It's Your (Half) Birthday

Why do I keep having the verse, "Looks like we made it..." going through my head? It's not like we have successfully raised our baby through the childhood, adolescent, and teen years, and now we're sending her off to fend for her herself.

But the six month mark does feel sort-of big and like we've come a long way... baby.

So what's new since the last update? Honestly, not a whole lot. She's still being adorable and fun. Spending Saturday and Sunday together as a family are definitely the highlight of my week, and I'm starting to feel sad on Sunday night in anticipation of Monday morning.

She's also still working on sitting. She's babbling up a storm, screeching, and has now starting making a raspberry sound by sticking her tongue out. We officially began giving her one meal of solid food a day, and we're experimenting with fruits and veggies (sweet potatoes today).

As for sleep, we decided a couple weeks ago that the time had come to force the issue. I know "cry it out" is pretty controversial, but MM and I felt our family was in desperate need of a full night's sleep (family = me). Selfish? Maybe. The right choice for us? Definitely. In the last week, we've only had one wake up before 5:30am. We're working on not getting her until after 6am, but I am happy to count this as a full night's sleep. I'm pretty sure I've been nicer to my husband this past week. Fingers crossed that we don't go backwards. In other exciting sleep news, a week or so before we decided to CIO, we went cold turkey on the swaddle, and it totally wasn't the big deal we were expecting. And the bedtime routine is easier.

So that's about it! Her six month check up is next week, and I can't wait to find out how much she's grown.