Thursday, March 07, 2013


Yesterday I received a text from our daycare provider asking that we pick up Emme as soon as possible. Both caretakers and six of the nine kids they watch had been suddenly hit with some kind of stomach flu. Only three babies had been spared, and Emme was one of them. MM, who works five minutes away from daycare, rushed to go get her, but I figured it was only a matter of time until Emme (as well as mom and dad) caught this bug. It still may happen. But so far, she’s stayed healthy.

Given the circumstances, we weren’t able to take Emme to daycare today, so I emailed my boss and told her I’d just take a vacation day, rather than attempting to work while watching an active seven month old.

5:50am I wake up, no alarm, no baby noises. My body just wakes up at ass o’clock in the morning now. Awesome.

6:20am Emme wakes up. She nurses in bed with me, and we hang out in the bedroom while daddy gets ready for work.

7am We head downstairs, and I stick her in the jump-a-roo while I eat breakfast and get her breakfast ready (mango and oatmeal). She stays pretty content in the jump-a-roo for a solid half hour, so I have plenty of time to eat, check email and relax before I feed her.

8:30am I put her down for her morning nap. She cries, but she’s asleep within 10 minutes. I shower and get dressed. She has been sleeping longer, but today she only makes it to about 9:25. This is fine because we made last minute playdate plans for 10. After nursing, I get her lunch items together, and we’re off.

10am The playdate is with a mom’s group I recently joined, so I met some new people from around my area. The babies ranged in age from four weeks to about two years, and Emme loved watching the older babies. Around 11:30, she got her peas and mango for lunch.

12pm We head out. I assume Emme is going to fall asleep in the car (I know I’m terrible for letting her do this), so I stop at Corner Bakery. Emme continues to sleep, so I check in with work on my iPad and enjoy a quiet lunch.

1pm Emme continues to sleep once we’re home, but only for about 10 more minutes. I decide that the best way to spend the afternoon is to take advantage of gym daycare and finally get a little workout in. We nurse again, I change, she plays on the floor a bit, and we head out the door again.

2:45pm I drop her off at gym daycare. She’s fallen asleep in the car again (I know...), and she’s still napping when I hand her over. The daycare has cameras, and I watch her from the treadmill. She wakes up after about a half hour. I can’t believe she slept that long, and I’m sure she’s not happy to wake up in an unfamiliar place without mommy. We’ve only used gym daycare one time before today, but she seems to be OK as one of the women working reads to her. I finish a 30 minute run/walk and manage to do the majority of my PT-prescribed ab exercises. I pick Emme up at 3:45 and we head home.

4:15pm Once home, we nurse again then have some floor time. She is working hard at crawling, though not quite getting it yet, but she manages to get around quite a bit regardless. The dog joins us, and Emme may have chewed on a dog toy. Whatever.

5:15pm Daddy is home. MM is good about being home from work in time to take an active role in our nighttime routine even if he has to go back to work after she goes to sleep. He gives Emme a small serving of Ella’s Kitchen Broccoli + Pears + Peas for dinner (about half the pouch). I wasn’t planning on giving Emme three meals a day (versus just breakfast and lunch) for another month, but I ended up trying it a couple nights ago, and she slept a whole extra hour (!!!). I don’t know for sure if that’s because of the food or not, but we’re experimenting.

5:45pm Emme is getting fussy so MM takes her upstairs to start getting her ready for bed. She’s acting like a nut, but rubbing her eyes, which is normal for this hour. I read her two books before she nurses. She falls asleep nursing, and I rock her awhile, even though I know I’m supposed to put her down “drowsy, but awake.” There’s going to come a time, in the near future, when I won’t be able to sit and rock with a sleeping baby curled up on my chest, so I have decided that when it happens (sometimes we put her down awake) I’m going to relish it. I finally put her in her crib at 6:20. She wakes up briefly, and I stick a pacifier in her mouth. She’s O-U-T (it’s not always like that though).

I have to say, today was one of the best weekdays I’ve had in awhile. I love that I didn’t feel like I was dividing my time between her and work (a vacation day was definitely the way to go), but it also made me rethink my feelings about staying at home. I still don’t think I’d want to be home every day, but I really wish I could work three days a week and be home with Emme four days a week. She’s so much fun these days, and I miss getting out like we did during maternity leave. With the weather warming up, it makes me sad to think that we’ll only have this kind of time with her on the weekends, which will no doubt be over-scheduled.

I haven’t heard from daycare yet as to whether or not they will be open tomorrow, but MM and I have already decided we aren’t going to take a chance on sending her back until Monday. He’s going to take off tomorrow so I can get some work done from home in the morning, and then the three of us are going to have some quality family time in the afternoon.

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