Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Takes Everything You Got: The 7th Month Update

The halfway mark is officially in our rearview mirror--Emme is 7 months old. Overall, month the sixth was a good one. It was the first age that I ever classified as "my favorite, " versus, "better than last month." Upgrade!

I'm struggling with exactly how to say this, partially because I feel like if I say it, I will jinx myself, but this month it finally felt like the whole family-of-three thing started to click. Em started to get into a better routine.* Her naps lengthened.* Night sleep became somewhat more reliable.* And she generally became a more delightful baby to be around. At the risk of sounding like a bad mom, months one through five, I enjoyed her more.

I also started to realize how taken with her MM seems. Not that I expected something different, but I guess until you see your husband being a dad, you don't really know what that looks like. I love seeing the way Em's face lights up when he walks through the door.

So what big happened this month? Emme spent much of this month trying her hardest to crawl. It's frustrating for her, but she just hasn't quite figure the whole thing out, and she usually ends up in a plank or down dog position. This is a baby who has wanted to be on the move since the beginning, and I know she will be hard to keep up with so I'm not trying to rush her. Plus, we haven't baby proofed (though it's probably time for us to get on that).

We did decide to go ahead and lower her crib because we noticed that she was starting to pull herself up without my support. She was just grabbing on to my leg and getting herself on her feet. She hasn't used furniture for this new trick, but I had visions of her catapulting herself out of her crib, so we figured better safe than sorry.

Emme loves her solid food. I make most of her food, but I did decide to take some pressure off myself when it comes to preparing everything and bought some of those cool baby food pouches, so that I don't need to freak out midweek if we run out of the homemade stuff. I like preparing her food, but as much as I want to do everything, sometimes it's just not realistic. It's all about balance.

*Knock on wood.

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