Thursday, April 18, 2013

Do Over

I’m sure plenty of other people feel this way, but it’s been a shit week all around, and it feels like we should start over.

If only that were possible.

With regards to Boston, as a person who started a blog about running many years ago, I guess I feel like I should say something before I go on with business as usual, so I'll say this: The running community is one I’m proud to be part of, and I’m keeping the victims and the city of Boston in my thoughts and prayers. The whole thing makes my stomach turn.

I know I’m supposed to take away from Boston that there is so much good in the world--so many people who ran toward the blast instead of away to help others; the outpouring of love and support to a city from a country in shock--and those things are true. But between this, Sandy Hook, the Aurora theater shooting, et al., (to name a few horrible incidents of the recent past), I'm left wondering how one raises a child in the current state of our country. How do you take a child to public places, community events, movie theaters, malls, anywhere really, much less allow them to go to school? And the Senate’s inability to pass even the most duh-worthy of gun control measures doesn’t leave me with much hope.

I realize these aren't necessarily the same thing--school shootings and terrorism--or maybe they are, I don't know. And I know this sentiment is not unique--every mother everywhere has wondered this. I just want my kid to grow up in a world where you can safely attend school, go to the movies, and cheer on your dad who's running a marathon.

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Amanda Morse Jones said...

I personally feel that there have been worse times/places in history to bring up a kid. Yah, it's not ideal-there is a lot of negativity out there. But I just go out with the belief that horrific incidences are few and far between in the whole grand scheme of things, and my kids have the odds in their favor that things will generally go right. Also, no gun control law will keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have will only take them away from folks who should have the right to defend themselves from said maniacs. Just my two cents is all.